9 shirts for anime fans on Redbubble

I’m gearing up for convention season, so I’ve been looking at otaku-suitable t-shirt designs at Redbubble. I’ve never actually bought from them before, but they seem to have a bunch of awesome designs. This post isn’t intended to plug their merchandise really, but since I can’t be buying all of these, maybe some of you will. And then we’ll meet and take some sweet selfies.

Hideo Kojima and nanomachines


Why it’s awesome: This is pretty much the entire storyline behind Metal Gear Solid 4, which by implication means it’s the story behind everything in the Metal Gear franchise.

Wearability: 4/10 – Only people at an otaku or similarly nerdy convention will understand this.

And nobody slept that night


Why it’s awesome: The only thing better than Persona 4 is taking the piss out of Persona 4, which is what artist Hiimdaisy once did so well. Anyway, this shirt is just a random, no-context image of a very angry Dojima.

Wearability: 6/10 – Would be higher if it didn’t give off a murdery vibe. Very good material for internet avatars, though.

Red frame/black frame shirts



Why it’s awesome: These are nods to Bakemonogatari, which was full of such splices. Aside from the kanji it doesn’t scream “otaku” and is a subtle reference to a great show, whose references are out of control. Everyone knows it.

Wearability: 7/10 – There’s always the risk of “hey look Asian symbols that I don’t know the meaning of!” Not so much that you wouldn’t know the meaning of these kanji, but other people will assume you’re a dumbass who put Chinese looking shit onto a shirt.

Mako friendship


Why it’s awesome: I’m way behind on Kill la Kill, but I’m pretty sure Mako’s speeches are the greatest thing ever to happen to fiction.

Wearability: 8/10 – The aforementioned issue with kanji applies here, but the design would kill at a convention.

Derpy Titan gets the best shirt


Why it’s awesome: Yes, the video happened.

Wearability: 0/10 – It’s a naked dude (albeit without genitalia) so it might even get you kicked out of a con. But goddamn this shirt is worth wearing anyway.

Marco’s discount – awww too soon…


Why it’s awesome: If there’s one thing you need to learn about Attack on Titan fandom, it’s that everyone has a following. Even poor Marco, who is now just half a man.

Wearability: 8/10 The graphic’s too cheesy for a perfect score.

Nothing interesting ever happens on this shirt


Why it’s awesome: Well it’s FLCL. No one has ever hated on FLCL.

Wearability: 9/10 – I’m of two minds about this. It looks like an actual corporate logo, which kind of makes you a tool. But it’s so subtle and far removed from otakudom that in the practical sense you could wear this every day. All my friends like FLCL so I’ll put this at a 9.

The three wiseguys


Why it’s awesome: Joke shirts are great and all, but Redbubble also has some legitimately cool designs. This one features the diagram of the Magi from Evangelion.

Wearability: 7/10 – We are tripling down on the random kanji here but the design’s too cool.


  • JK
    I'm glad you've finally decided to go to buzz feed style lists for your website. It's the new media. Welcome to 2014.
    • Still need to make it so that each list item is on its own page. That's on my to-do list, which will be posted here shortly as a Buzzfeed style list.
  • Haha Mako friendship rocks, I need this XD
    • Either that or derpy titan are my favorite from the lot.
  • I'm tempted to get the bakemonogatari ones.. they seem subtle enough that I could wear them out in public without drawing too much attention :)
    • I'd be wary of the weaboo factor but yeah, I just love that they're subtle references.