A few words on the overhaul

The switch to WordPress is basically done at this point. Right now the site is pretty much operational, so all that remains is on the content side of things. As much as I did actually enjoy coding everything myself, speed and automation were not virtues of the old Makigumo platform. Most importantly, WordPress has a better media management system that saves me a ton of work. I still have to put the anime reviews into some kind of new format. Honestly I’m not that keen on having to copy/paste all of them, but I don’t want to just drop that body of work either. So I’ll probably reintroduce them in the background over a period of time, beginning as soon as I decide on a layout. There’s also the look of the site to think about, which will be more of a long-term project.

What’s new:

  • Navigation: primary stuff on top, comprehensive links on the right, and RSS link at the bottom.
  • The comment system is now built-in, which should improve usability and responsiveness. You don’t need to register to comment, though you will need to provide a name and email.
  • Image links will open with FancyBox, which is like LightBox except fancy, I guess. Open images in a new tab to view the full-size original. FancyBox will resize images dynamically to fit your browser window.
  • The theme I’m using comes with a mobile layout which is quite nice. Makigumo will be a hell of a lot more readable on smartphones than the old version.
  • Sharing buttons after each post. Make me famous, but not so famous that the site gets wanged.
  • You can leave me feedback on the About page. Mostly I’m interested in sycophantic praise about the site and myself, but also let me know about any issues you encounter. Also be sure to let me know if there are layout problems, or problems with media getting displayed.

There you have it, Makigumo version… a million. Enjoy!

PS – The publication dates on the anime reviews are purely for bookkeeping. I used the date when the show’s original run ended, or the release date in case of movies. No, I was not writing anime reviews with WordPress in 1988.