About Makigumo

Collectible figures and toy photography
I started collecting anime toys and figures in the summer of 2010, when Evangelion 2.22 came out on Blu-ray in Japan. There was an awesome Beast Mode EVA-02 figure that I had to have, and it started me down the rabbit hole.
Soon after, I bought my first scale figure. Then a camera to capture all the plastic awesomeness. Sure enough, I even started learning about photography in order to improve my pictures. And, well, now we're here. What started as an impulse purchase ended up becoming a huge part of my life!
I hope you enjoy what you see here, and that maybe it'll inspire you to start a collection of your own.

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Figure collecting is a niche hobby but it has a great online community. Those links in my blogroll aren't for show, they are seriously cool websites run by great people. Give them some traffic!

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MyFigureCollection is a massive database and social network for figure collectors. You can see (almost) everything in my collection by going to my profile!