Anime Central 2014: recollections and how I ruined my body

Day 2 (cont’d)

Saturday is the prime day for ACen, and we were lucky enough to have great weather for all of it. The cosplay sessions were in full operation as the evening came, so it was a good opportunity to get some golden hour photos. It also meant missing out on the rave, which I hear is a big attraction, but I wasn’t too bothered about it.

ACen 2014 Canti cosplay

ACen 2014 Final Fantasy cosplay

ACen 2014 Kill la Kill cosplay

As I mentioned before, the large sessions are complete pandemonium. They’re good in their own way, but I think the main lesson learned this time is to go for smaller cosplay shoots. For stuff like Final Fantasy, Attack on Titan, or anything else which would draw a huge group for the meetup, you’ll be able to get pictures of those characters just wandering around the convention anyway.

ACen 2014 Big Daddy cosplay

ACen 2014 Space Dandy cosplay

The Space Dandy/Cowboy Bebop meetup was medium-sized. It was a lot of fun but difficult to get a clear line of sight. This is where a long lens helps; my 100mm lens has a narrow enough field of view where it wouldn’t pick up the people in front of me.

ACen 2014 Space Dandy cosplay

ACen 2014 Cowboy Bebop cosplay

As the sun was going down, another Attack on Titan session was, uh, going down. This one, predictably, was entirely too crowded. I snapped off a few pictures but decided to move on – it’s not like aren’t a thousand AoT cosplayers wandering around at any given moment anyway.

ACen 2014 Attack on Titan cosplay
This is the one person I singled out from the crowd.
ACen 2014 Attack on Titan cosplay
Yeah, try getting the shot you want with this in front of you.

At last year’s ACen, Gundam guy was the best random thing I saw. This year probably goes to random bboys.

ACen 2014 break dancers

And shortly thereafter, AMAZING Flame Princess cosplay. I missed out on the Adventure Time session but I have a feeling the next con I go to will have Adventure Time in droves…

ACen 2014 Flame Princess cosplay

Another random note: the chandeliers at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center are very… vaginal.

ACen 2014 interesting chandeliers

So everything I said about large cosplay meetups – well disregard that when it comes to Kill la Kill. Nudist Beach cosplay is anime’s greatest contribution to pop culture.

ACen 2014 Kill la Kill cosplay

ACen 2014 Kill la Kill cosplay

ACen 2014 Kill la Kill cosplay

ACen 2014 Kill la Kill cosplay

Like, I have some shots that aren’t raunchy too. But you probably don’t come here for wholesome.

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