Anime Central 2015

So… you know the drill by now. ACen 2015 happened. There was cosplay. I know because I was there. Scroll down and click awaaaayyyyy

This year I decided to do less “upload everything I shot” so I cut out about 75% of my photos. I actually managed to fill up a memory card! A lot of large group images are just… meh. Not very interesting. Probably from now on I’ll just eschew the group shots altogether except if I can get a dramatic one. Cosplay meetups are still great because you can just pull people aside for a quick shot.

Oh and the exhibit hall… god how I hate it. The lighting is godawful, managing to be harsh and have a green/yellow cast that makes everything look like urine. They really need to find a way to at least even out that lighting. It’s actually pretty nice in the ballrooms and the lobby but the main hall is a mess.


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