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figma Mayoi Hachikuji and Shinobu Oshino

Snapshots: Now is the time to make friends

Apparently I never unboxed my Mayoi Hachikuji figma. This is a great crime that I rectified today.

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Anime Central ACen 2015

Anime Central 2015

So… you know the drill by now. ACen 2015 happened. There was cosplay. I know because I was there. Scroll down and click awaaaayyyyy

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Test Chart

I got a new camera! Time to put it through its paces…

After quite a lot of time shooting with Canon’s 6D, I decided it was time for a change. The 6D has all the features I need as a studio camera… and nothing more. Not content with merely producing images, I wanted to see if there was a more fully-featured camera out there. Unfortunately, my camera budget isn’t what it used to be so I had to settle for a model in a lower price bracket. However this market segment is very competitive, and there were plenty of choices within budget.

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Kantai Collection

Anime Review: Kantai Collection ~KanColle~

If you took 100 ordinary people and screened KanColle for them, you’ll find that it’s objectively kind of a nothing show. But I’m going to have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. All this probably boils down to how susceptible to moe I am – KanColle is about moe anthropomorphisms of Japanese WWII-era warships roughly reenacting the Pacific War. If that summary sounds appealing for you, congratulations! You’re part of KanColle‘s surprisingly large target audience.

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Uzuhi at Kollision Con 2015

Kollision Con 2015: Uzuhi’s “United We Smile” tour

If you’re thinking Japanese punk rock probably isn’t in my wheelhouse, you’d be right. However it was a quiet Friday afternoon at Kollision Con and suddenly I heard LOUD NOISES so I decided to check it out. And that’s how I found out about Uzuhi.

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Kollision Con 2015

Kollision Con 2015

I wasn’t able to spend much time at Con+Alt+Delete in mid-December, but this weekend’s Kollision Con was basically a re-do. The Hyatt Regency at O’Hare seems like the go-to place for smaller anime conventions. In fact Kollision Con is the smallest con I’ve been to so far. Maybe Chicago winters are just off-putting to potential attendees? It didn’t have the same density of people or programming as even a midsize con like NDK in Denver. However, as always, I must still bring you cosplay and scenes from the event.

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Melty by Alter

Figure Review: Melty by Alter

Melty is a character from Shining Hearts, a game from a franchise that doesn’t get much exposure in the US. Tony Taka has been doing the character designs for the series, and while they’re all solid, I haven’t been very high on the figures they’ve engendered. I guess if anyone was going to change that, it would be Alter.

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Momo Velia Deviluke by Max Factory

Figure Review: Momo Velia Deviluke by Max Factory

Max Factory’s 1/6 Momo was an impulse buy for me, as she’s super cute and sexy. Wedding dress-based designs are nice enough, but take the dress off and hey… Anyway, Momo has been in my display cabinet for a while. It occurred to me that I never got around to reviewing the figure, so here we go.

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Cerberus by Max Factory

Figure Review: Cerberus by Max Factory

If there’s one figure maker with a direct line into my wallet, I’d say it’s Max Factory. Every year, I buy a handful of random Max Factory figures – not because they’re always making characters that I love, but because they consistently wow me with amazing sculpts or luscious booty. Usually their figures have both, as was the case with this 1/7 Cerberus from Rage of Bahamut.

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Asuka Langley Shikinami Jersey ver. by Alter

Snapshot: Asuka Langley Shikinami Jersey ver. by Alter

Update: review’s up

Unfortunately, no Halloween post from me as I was doing something more important (watching basketball)… but Alter’s new Asuka figure came in and I wanted to get a photo shoot done. I really like her world-weary pissed off look as it fits her character in Evangelion 3.33 well. And hey, shiny red buttocks.

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Snapshot(s): Fall is the season of Danbo

I picked up a Revoltech Danbo at SDCC this summer (from HobbyLink Japan so you know it’s good) with the intention of taking some Danbo shots on one of my walkabouts. However I didn’t have much time for them until recently. Luckily fall is my favorite season, so it’s the perfect time to walk around with Danbo.

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Improving a gloomy day with the power of friendship

Since it’s autumn, my favorite season, I decided to go do an outdoors photo shoot. Unfortunately, what started out as a great day quickly turned into a gross and cloudy day. Not to worry! My subjects are never brought down by the weather, no matter how cloudy, windy, cold, and generally shitty.

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