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Phat Company Rise Kujikawa

Figure Review: Rise Kujikawa by Phat Company

If I have a video game obsession it would be Persona 4. Something about that game and its characters resonated with me in a way that I had never felt before. Obviously I’m not the only one, as Persona 4 became a huge hit… and then the bizarre spin-offs started coming. I guess it’s fitting though because the world of Persona is bizarre. But what I wouldn’t have dreamed of is that there would be a dancing rhythm game using the characters and settings of Persona 4. That brings us to Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Phat Company’s Rise Kujikawa.

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Good Smile Company Kaori Miyazono

Snapshots: Kaori Miyazono by Good Smile Company

I was feeling the itch to do a quick figure shoot today, and it felt like Good Smile Company’s Kaori Miyazono would be fitting for springtime. Although we just had snow here like two days ago so…

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Nendoroid Christmas Party

Nendoroid Christmas party!

Merry Christmas to all you figure collectors out there! Christmas seems like a particularly Nendoroid-ish holiday, so I decided to do a special photo shoot with mine.

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Embrace Japan Tibalta

Figure Review: Diabolus Macrodontia Tibalta by Embrace Japan

It’s a Halloween two-fer! Well it would have been if Amiami had shipped this a few days earlier. Today we’ll be looking at another Embrace Japan figure: Diabolus Macrodontia Tibalta. This is the seventh figure in their “Black Arts Keeper” line, and I think the only one without any kind of cast-off feature.

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Embrace Japan Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona

NSFW Figure Review: Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona by Embrace Japan

Halloween has come (and gone!) which means it’s time to call out the spirits. In early October I received my eagerly anticipated pre-order of Embrace Japan’s Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona. Everything about her screamed “Halloween” so I took the whole month thinking of how to set up this shoot. A couple of pumpkins and a boatload of dried moss later, I finally have a figure review!

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GSR Racing Miku TT Zero 13 Kai

Snapshots: ex:ride Racing Miku TT Zero 13 Kai

Although Max Factory pumps out a lot of figmas, they’re a bit lacking in the “giving them stuff to do” category. Individual figmas may come with certain character-specific accessories, but you rarely get accessories/play sets designed to go with any figma. That’s why I jumped on the figma PLUS sets, why I got excited for the figma horse, and why I ordered this figma-sized motorcycle. Dedicated hobbyists may opt to build their own play sets and accessories, but to be honest I’ve always been a “buy it from someone else” kind of guy 🙂

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Hachikuji, Shinobu, and Canti

Snapshots: Robot babysitter

There’s nothing quite like taking advantage of some beautiful weather to get some outdoors figure shots. At worst, you don’t get the shot you want but the day still doesn’t feel wasted.

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Alter Black Hanekawa

Figure Review: Black Hanekawa by Alter

Time to look at an oldie! Alter’s Black Hanekawa was first released in 2011, which is probably when I got it. Yeah that seems like something I’d do. It also had a release in 2013, probably coinciding with the return of the Monogatari series. For those unfamiliar with the character, Black Hanekawa is the possessed form of Tsubasa Haneekawa, a cat demon who sucks energy from her victims. I think her popularity is due to her sexy/cute attributes, as I didn’t find her story arc in Bakemonogatari to be all that great. If you’re Alter, though, story is but a trifling matter next to the character design.

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Wave Beach Queen Misaka Mikoto

Snapshots: Hitting the beach

Summer so far has mostly consisted of rain and overcast skies for me :/ But I did get one sunny day over the weekend, so I took some figures to the beach. I had some ideas for some beach shots, but unfortunately didn’t prepare well at all.

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Daiki Kougyo Ryomou Shimei

Revisiting Daiki Kougyo’s Ryomou Shimei

I’m no Ikkitousen fan, but for some reason I have two Ryomou Shimei figures. The first one I got was Daiki Kougyo’s, mostly because I really like Shunya Yamashita’s interpretation of the design. It was one of my earliest reviews, though, and I don’t much like the result nowadays. So I decided to revisit this figure with some fresher photos.

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Questioners Birdcage Girl

Snapshot: Girl in a cage

Sometimes you just take a random photo that you fall in love with. I found this one in the depths of my Lightroom catalog recently, a sweetly vintage-looking snapshot of Sayame by Questioners.

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figma Mikasa Ackerman

Snapshot: Mikasa defending the fort

I’ve been doing some location scouting in my spare time as I’m always on the lookout for photogenic areas around Chicago. This shot happens to be at Fort Sheridan, once a Civil War-era fort that has been converted to houses (I’m guessing for very rich people). At the heart of it is this tower. The architecture and theme really fit Attack on Titan well, so I wanted to bring along my figma Mikasa and get some sort of AoT-esque shot. I think this is a site worth revisiting with some more AoT figmas.

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