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Tenjo Tenge

Monthly Outlook: October 2012

I feel like I’m on a precipice after having plugged in my media drive. It makes a fantastic array of whirring noises and clicks, leading me to believe it’ll die soon. Fortunately I got my 3TB replacement drive, so I just need to hope the old hard drive holds out long enough to get all the files transferred.

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Persona 3

Monthly Outlook: September 2012

Well it looks like this month is all about Persona 3. I powered through Persona 4 through the winter a few years ago, so maybe fall will be Persona 3 season. It’s a weird progression, starting with P4, then going to P4 Arena, and now to P3 so I could get some more background on the fighting game.

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Persona 4 Arena

First Impressions: Persona 4 Arena

As you might guess from the title, Persona 4 Arena is a fighting game spin-off of the Persona 4 RPG. 2012 has been the year of P4, beginning with an anime that premiered late 2011, and now closing out with two games: P4 The Golden and P4 Arena. I was able to spend some time with P4A, and while I’m far from mastering the game (or exploring all its content), I wanted to write about what this means to me as a Persona 4 fan and a fighting game fan.

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Serial Experiments Lain

Monthly Outlook: July 2012

Has it really been over a month?? Since my last post:

  • The Miami Heat became the 2012 NBA champions. The ESPN ballwashing of LeBron James was insufferable. As a Bulls fan, seeing our star go down and a conference rival win the title is… bitter.
  • We started playing DayZ (an ArmA II mod) and even got our own server. The premise is that it’s a super-realistic zombie apocalypse simulator, where you play on a persistent 225 kmĀ² map. The intention is to have an intense experience full of hardships and difficult decisions. Pick up weapons, or pick up food and medical supplies? Should I kill this guy, or can we work together to survive? In reality, the game is riddled with bugs, laughable exploits, and everyone shoots everyone else on sight without bothering to check for hostility. Still it’s one of the most unique and compelling experiences you can have in a PC game, as long as you can get through the learning curve. Much easier if you play with friends.
  • My roommate and I found a new apartment, which has nothing to do with Makigumo directly but I do think it’ll cut down on the amount of figures I can have on display. My dream is to have just a huge room in a house where I can display every figure I’ve bought, preferably in front of their boxes.
  • That Yoshimitsu figure I had set for June… nope! It arrived Monday.
  • In fact none of that stuff I had set for June panned out.

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Monthly Outlook: June 2012

I’m going to try something new here, and forecast what I’m probably going to be writing about this month. This is an excellent method of posting content when there isn’t actually any real content to post.

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U-Boat Gauges

A few words on the overhaul

The switch to WordPress is basically done at this point. Right now the site is pretty much operational, so all that remains is on the content side of things. As much as I did actually enjoy coding everything myself, speed and automation were not virtues of the old Makigumo platform. Most importantly, WordPress has a better media management system that saves me a ton of work. I still have to put the anime reviews into some kind of new format. Honestly I’m not that keen on having to copy/paste all of them, but I don’t want to just drop that body of work either. So I’ll probably reintroduce them in the background over a period of time, beginning as soon as I decide on a layout. There’s also the look of the site to think about, which will be more of a long-term project.

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I’ll be back.

I’ve switched to WordPress as there’s really no need for me to continue maintaining my own blogging software. I mean, that’s just silly. Sadly, I had to nuke everyone’s comments… again. Sorry, IntenseDebate. But really, my comments were 90% dudes chiming in to tell me how good Elfen Lied is on a monthly basis. I don’t know what to say, guys. Sorry. Don’t like the show.

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