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figma PLUS classroom set – Makigumo

figma PLUS classroom set

Good Smile Company has been very good lately at anticipating the needs of collectors. Anticipating… and then charging a fair bit of money. In December they released two diorama sets under the figma PLUS name, both of which I picked up recently at ACen.

I’m thinking of doing a full review later but for now I just wanted to play around with some figmas. Unlike the wonderful ladies running Kixkillradio and Love, Pinkcheeks, I’m not super pro at building my own sets. The closest I’ve gotten is making some shitty terrain for miniatures gaming.

The nice thing about figma PLUS is that you don’t need to do a whole lot. The pieces come on runners but are easy to assemble and don’t really need painting. They can snap together without glue. You’ll also get two base plates, some connectors (which allow you to connect base plates on all four sides), and a backdrop printed on card stock.

figma PLUS classroom set

You can pick up one of these sets for under $30… it’s not exactly cheap but not outlandishly priced either. The only negative I want to point out is that the size is a bit small for photography. It makes a fine mini-diorama but with the wide 3:2 aspect ratio used by most cameras, the figma PLUS sets aren’t wide enough to fill up the frame.

figma PLUS classroom set

There are actually a generous amount of accessories in each set. For the classroom set you get two desks and two chairs. I wish they’d include more base plates as all these items can get crowded on just two.

figma PLUS classroom set

I really want to double up on these sets. It would be easy enough to print different backdrops on card stock too. And for a more custom look, I’m thinking about finishing off and painting the accessories.

The other set is a school route set, basically a model of a Japanese road. I’ll be taking pictures of that soon!


  • I think it's nice of them to make figma plus sets these days, especially many collectors are also enjoying to take pictures of their collections. This is a great way to display in glass cabinets. <3 I love the chair and table. Great review Tian!
    • And if they ever make a bedroom set I'll be all over it!
  • These sets are nice, I once bought a half Nendoroid classroom and it was great ;) This figma+ item is a simple solution to create a stock diorama, though you could also just glue some printed classroom on cardboard. An advantage is actually the furniture and the hole covered floor. You are right about the size, for close up pictures one of these is probably fine, but I have the feeling that they want to make you buy 2 or 3 ;D
    • I am tempted to get more... that's how they get you!