Figure Review: Cerberus by Max Factory

If there’s one figure maker with a direct line into my wallet, I’d say it’s Max Factory. Every year, I buy a handful of random Max Factory figures – not because they’re always making characters that I love, but because they consistently wow me with amazing sculpts or luscious booty. Usually their figures have both, as was the case with this 1/7 Cerberus from Rage of Bahamut.

I’ve never played Rage of Bahamut, but I do enjoy the artwork in it. There were three notable figures based on the game: Amakuni’s Dark General, Kotobukiya’s Dark Angel Olivia, and Cerberus. Although it was released in late June this year, I didn’t get mine until nearly September (SAL shipping – not even once). It took me some time to get the resolve to review it because I didn’t really have any ideas for the photo set.

Cerberus, according to myth, was the three-headed guardian of the underworld. I decided this vastly sexier version should be the guardian of my toys, so I built a hallway-looking thing out of figma boxes. Aside from that the setup was simple enough; all I had to do was pop a softbox behind her and put my key light in front.

The figure is awesome, but the design is bizarre. The most notable elements are her puppy hands. I suppose having three human heads on her body would have been worse, but the puppy hands (pretty sure they’re not puppets) are still strange. If you look closely, the puppies are also damaged. Has she been fighting with them? Boxing with them, maybe? From the rear shots you can see that she has twin tails, and then… more twin tails? At first glance that appears to be the case, but looking closer I think they’re part of her outfit.

As far as assembly and packaging, there’s not much to say. I’ve been paying attention to the assembly process of figures ever since I had to pack up my entire collection and move. So with Cerberus, happily, all you have to do is pop on those halo things on her dogs and you’re ready to go.

I think the most prominent aspect of this figure is her metal bikini style outfit. It puts a lot of emphasis on her bust, thighs, and butt. All those are great, sure, but I really love what Max Factory did with her face. Cerberus has a smile that is either warm, or devious – I still can’t decide.

Her physical attributes shouldn’t be ignored, of course. Cerberus is shapely in general, and I particularly like the thigh and hip area. If you turn her around you’ll get some nice shoulder blade and sideboob action. And let’s not forget her butt. I probably took a record amount of butt shots for this review, but trimmed it down to four – too many and it gets weird. It’s actually pretty flat as far as butts go, but you get good definition and her plump thighs kind of make up for it.

Max Factory has another winner with Cerberus, and I hope they continue cranking out sexy women. They’re in a different category from ero figures because instead of lewdness, they’re great designs that also happen to be revealing.

Cerberus by Max Factory

Cerberus by Max Factory

Cerberus by Max Factory

Cerberus by Max Factory

Cerberus by Max Factory
Shot setup: I didn’t have the materials to build a hallway set, so I made one out of figma boxes. So enjoy the Max Factory product placement.


  • Definitely a great figure and my opinion more convincing than the other released Rage of Bahamut figures made. Well, obvious for Max Factory to have a really nice quality and making a convincing, attractive figure like her. I thought that Cerberus was really my type of girl with her petite body and physical proportions, she has beautiful thighs ^^ Too bad the dog hands weren't made optional, I really don't dislike them, but hands are pretty things to have on figures. The dancing pose makes her rather playful, which is really great when added to her sexy appearance and naughty smile.
    • Agreed, great thighs :D
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