Figure Review: Dark Angel Olivia by Kotobukiya

Since I’ve reviewed Forte, I thought I’d do a photo shoot for Kotobukiya’s Dark Angel Olivia as well. Both figures can best be described with the word “grand.” While Forte sports a pair of irresponsibly pointy lances, Olivia has twin swords and angel wings. The design is eye-catching enough in 2D, but Kotobukiya turned it into a figure truly worth owning.

Unlike Forte, Olivia has a vibrant color scheme and a subtly smiling expression. Along with her body language, they work better with the youthful look of the character. I especially like the shading work Kotobukiya has done on her wings and hair. It all contributes to the visual appeal of the figure; although there are a lot of colors, textures, and floaty elements, the figure doesn’t look overly busy.

There’s only one area I can criticize on this figure, and that’s the back of the head. The sculpt is pretty messy, and you can see a bunch of seams and mold lines criscrossing there. It’s not a huge problem as it is the back, but I still would have liked to see better attention to detail there.

I’m a fan of a minimal assembly process with figures, but in this case it had to come in several pieces. Olivia’s head and torso can be separated to facilitate the attachment of the wings. The swords also come separate from her hands. One area of concern for me is her right foot. Due to her pose, she’s attached to the base only through the right foot. So far it’s been secure but this is quite a heavy figure with a high center of gravity. I suggest only moving her around gingerly.

Rage of Bahamut is kind of like Lineage II for me because thought I don’t play either game, I like the character designs enough to buy their figures. Kotobukiya’s got two definite winners here; hopefully Max Factory follows up their Cerberus too.


Kotobukiya Olivia

Kotobukiya Olivia

Kotobukiya Olivia

Kotobukiya Olivia


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