Figure Review: Elf by Max Factory

Figure Review: Elf by Max Factory

Gotta love figures that are just given a generic race-based name. I suppose it wouldn’t do to have xXGamerGurrl92Xx as the figure name, but still it’s weird referring to this one as “Elf.” This is Max Factory’s take on the Lineage II character design, which was released last summer. While it’s a pretty figure overall, a few things have kept this from becoming one of my favorites.

Since this is the vanilla Elf, Max Factory’s figure is in direct competition with Orchid Seed’s version (on my shelf, anyway). Between those two, I have to say… I prefer Orchid Seed’s version. Sakurako Iwanaga’s sculpt is prettier and more delicate. The sculpt from Max Factory was handled by “Shining Wizard.” It’s solid, but the fine detail just seems finer in Orchid Seed’s figure. Out of the four Lineage figures on my shelves, Max Factory’s Dark Elf wins hands-down. Darker is sexier, and Takahiro Hashimoto’s sculpt crushes the other two.

This Elf is based on official art, wearing the Majestic Light Armor set. She also has some kind of sword, but that’s as much research on Lineage II as I’m willing to do. The sword attaches to a peg on her hip as opposed to a scabbard, so I guess this follows the video game trope of stuff being magically glued onto people’s bodies. She’s also supposed to have a cape, but for the life of me I couldn’t get it to stay attached. Hence all my photos are of her without cape. This was my biggest gripe with the figure, but other people were able to get it to work so maybe I just had a defective part. It definitely couldn’t have been user error. That’s just inconceivable.

Strangely enough she also has a cast-off feature. No, it’s not what you’re hoping for – her very tight miniskirt can be removed for some reason. You can separate her at the waist to remove the lower part of the armor. Then, with some effort, you can slide her skirt off (it does grip very tightly to her butt). You’ll need to put the armor back on; otherwise there’s a big gap where the torso joins to the hip. After doing all that, you’ll notice our Elf has just about the lowest panty line it’s possible to have without straight up baring the vaj. At this point, though, I’d question the presence of panties at all. What purpose are they serving other than to give her a massive wedgie? Mysteries.

It’s a bit unfortunate that I opened and reviewed the Dark Elf first before getting to the vanilla Elf. I got to a point where I was basically out of ideas. But from watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, I learned that sometimes you just have to go back to basics to get out of a rut. So I went with a simple paper backdrop and a single light and reflector for this shoot. As a result, I got the review done but I’m not feeling a lot of hype or excitement about the figure. Well, that panty line still boggles my mind. It’s completely crazy.

Elf by Max Factory

Elf by Max Factory

Elf by Max Factory

Elf by Max Factory

Elf by Max Factory


  • You would rarely say this about a figure from Max Factory, but Elf turned out a bit lackluster.
    In comparison with the illustration the figures face has less details, it feels like something is missing around her narrow eyes.

    It makes a bit sad that she can’t compare to any of the Dark Elfs, even more when made by the same manufacturer for the same origin. Well, aside from not being more lively the figure is at least pretty,
    she has nice long legs, a nice body and a nice armor plated dress. The cast off gives her outfit an eccentric, erotic touch ^^ Some would wish to take off her hip armor as well.

    I’ve heard that the cape annoyed a few more people.

    • Yeah her face in the illustration is better balanced, and there are more fine details overall. The figure is well crafted but comparatively unambitious.

      The cast off came as a total surprise to me, and her choice in underwear even more so. I’m always looking for the hidden charm of a figure, and that was it for the Elf 🙂

  • Wow, the detail on her armor is nice. Even with the simple backdrop, the lighting you did here emphasized the details overall. She looks pretty, and stands sexy with that fine legs. I agree with Wieselhead, it would be nice to take off that hip armor for she has a nice -butt and legs. 😀

    • The game really does have some beautiful character designs. I have the Kamael on order so there’s more Lineage on the way!

  • I like “Elf” however had to pass as I already have orchid seed’s far too similar variation. Great shots, particularly the rear end pictures, her’s is amazing and I would be tempted to display her ass forward. My God… I just scrolled up to look at that fanny one more time. 🙂

    • Thanks!

      Orchid Seed’s figure is wonderful too (ass included). The sculpt of the panties is a little weird in that area though. I wonder if the difficulty in sculpting is why Max Factory just decided to give her the worst wedgie ever.

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