Figure Review: Gwendolyn (Leifthrasir ver.) by Alter


Worthy successor

Seems like Odin Sphere Leifthrasir has breathed new life into Odin Sphere merchandise, because it's been coming hard and fast this year. Gwendolyn in particular has gotten a lot of attention, with a bunch of new figures announced and released. Although I'm excited for all of them, Alter can pretty much mic drop and walk away at this point. Their Leifthrasir version of Gwendolyn, based on new artwork, has already set the bar.

Comparison with the original

Alter's original 1/8 Gwendolyn was a marvelous figure in its own right. The only minor issue I had with it was the face, which didn't fit Odin Sphere's art style.
When you compare the original with the new version, at least in terms of design, I find the new one to be superior overall.
I will say, the pose of the Leifthrasir version isn't as exciting. However I think Gwendolyn looks much more faithful to her in-game design. The colors are also more vibrant, and there are even more delicate details sculpted onto the figure.
This is an impressive sculpting job by Alter, certainly worthy of being a centerpiece.

Great sculpt but flawed manufacturing

The sculpt, detailing, and coloring speak for themselves. In terms of the overall finish, though, my figure did have some issues. There were paint blots and some minor molding issues here and there. Although they are only barely visible to the eye, they can still show up in photos. These are minor issues but I don't expect to see them from Alter (especially with a figure this pricey).
The base feels a bit dicey to me too. The part connecting the feet to the platform of the base isn't glued down. I'm not sure if that's intentional or another manufacturing defect, but I do have to be extra careful due to the weight of the figure.
On the plus side, Alter did minimize the fuss of the assembly process. Gwendolyn can separate at the waist, making it easier to attach her wings. The wings themselves are reinforced with metal at the pegs, which is reassuring. Her Psypher can be put into her hand without bending anything in a weird way, and is made of metal (awesome!).

Closer look at the original

I took a set of similar shots for both figures to aid in comparing them. You can see that although the original is lovely, the Leifthrasir version wins out in terms of coloring and the level of detail. The wing detail in particular is outstanding, but other areas like her headdress and leg armor have been refined too.

Alter reminds us why we love them

As an Odin Sphere fan, I'm thrilled that my favorite character from the game is now getting so much attention from figure makers. There are more Gwendolyn figures in the works, but if you can only afford one and opt for Alter's, you'll be more than happy.
Just for fun, here are two shots with my digital painting technique applied.


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