Figure Review: Hatsune Miku Mikuzukin ver. by Max Factory (feat. 360 view!)

I’ve really been liking Max Factory’s releases as of late. As far as figure sculpts go they tend to be the most ambitious – or failing that the sexiest. Their latest scale figure release as of this writing is the Hatsune Miku Mikuzukin version by Grissry Panda. This became one of my favorite Miku designs as soon as I saw the prototype, and I’m happy to say that the final product lives up to my expectations.

For this review I wanted a woodsy set, just to change it up from the backdrops I normally use. Unfortunately I’m not good at making stuff and it’s hard to find appropriately sized trees. I had considered doing a location shoot instead until I stumbled upon some usable (fake) foliage at Ikea of all places.

This is seriously a great Miku figure. You actually get a lot for the price as it’s 10″ tall. The box says it’s 1/7-scale but it’s a generous 1/7. I’ve seen manufacturers overstate the scale (for example, labeling a 1/8 as a 1/7) but this time it’s the other way around.

At this size, she’s absolutely packed with detail. The first thing you’ll notice is her frilly dress. The designs on it are simple but effective, putting splashes of color all over. The red primary, yellow accents, white contrasts, and turquoise eyes/hair all work very well together. The design really isn’t mindblowing, but is gorgeous still. This figure looked fantastic even in its unpainted “ivory” form and honestly, I might have bought that version too were it available for sale.

Miku’s usually interpreted as a cute/moe character, but I couldn’t help but be a little intrigued by what’s going on with her thighs. It almost seems like the sexy lady subset of Max Factory figures has bled into this figure a little bit. Just that slight skirt lift and a peek of skin under those frills is very enticing!

Max Factory has done an excellent job as usual with the finish on this figure. Lines are clean, details are crisp, and there are no paint or sculpt defects that I could find. I’ve also noticed that her skin seems to have a different finish than the usual. It has a slightly rubberized feel (something I also noticed on their swimsuit Misty figure, not that I spend all day rubbing my figures). It feels distinctly different from what I’m assuming is the usual matte varnish on most figures. It really isn’t better or worse visually, just an interesting difference. The only thing I’m not so hyped about is her base, which is kind of bland with a stylized floral design.

So yeah, Max Factory definitely has a winner here. From the design to the sculpt to the paint job, everything was executed well and the result is terrific. I love this reimagining of Miku, and I’m glad it’s sized to draw some attention. This will not get lost in the sea of 1/8 figures sitting on my shelves.

Try the 360 view!

What better use is there for a lazy Susan?


Max Factory Mikuzukin

Max Factory Mikuzukin

Max Factory Mikuzukin

Max Factory Mikuzukin

Max Factory Mikuzukin shot setup
This shoot provided a lot of challenges, not the least of which was lighting the whole mess.


  • Mian Ta
    easily your best shoot yet
    • haha really getting creative with the names there. Thanks!
  • These relatively simple ingredients create a great scenery (⌒▽⌒) I approve of sexy, red riding hood Miku, I did not pay much attention before, but in your pictures I definetely see her appeal. Max Factory always creates figures that are sexy in one way or another, I like that.