Figure Review: Hitagi Senjougahara (Nisemonogatari ver.) by Kotobukiya

I didn’t enjoy Nisemonogatari all that much, partly because my favorite Monogatari characters took a back seat to less interesting ones. At the very least we did get some Senjougahara action, including a memorable scene to open the series. That brings us to this figure, deftly translated to 3D by Kotobukiya.

I really like the teasing (or you might say “abusive”) nature of Senjougahara, so that’s the main quality that drew me to this figure. It does a great job capturing the moment and her personality. As a nice bonus, it comes with two options for her right arm. The default part has her holding a pair of handcuffs, but you can swap it for an alternate piece where she’s teasing Araragi with a drop of water from her finger. I don’t know about you, but I found that part pretty sexy.

Kotobukiya kept with the ruined classroom motif from the show, which also features on their Black Hanekawa figure. In fact I appropriated the busted desk from that figure just to add a little something to these shots.

Although the base is very cool and flavorful, I don’t like the way it attaches to the figure. There’s one short peg that’s supposed to slide up into her foot, but it doesn’t hold well at all. Senjougahara’s body doesn’t attach to the chair, so without a secure connection at the peg, there’s nothing holding her in place. Aside from looking strange (leaning back without a foot touching the ground), it’s worrisome during, say, photo shoots done at night on a balcony.

Paint transfer was the other problem I ran into. There was some from her hair fringe to the forehead, which isn’t too bad because that part wouldn’t be visible anyway. There was also paint transfer from the bottom of the ponytail to the shirt, which would be an issue if you prefer the short hairstyle.

Despite its faults I like the figure because it oozes character. If I’m buying a figure because I like a character, I want that figure to capture their personality. Kotobukiya did a great job doing that with this Senjougahara. The two issues I mentioned are disappointing but not dealbreakers – which is fortunate because the only other Senjougahara I have is Alter’s and that one isn’t very Senjougahara-y.

Hitagi Senjougahara by Kotobukiya

Hitagi Senjougahara by Kotobukiya

Hitagi Senjougahara by Kotobukiya

Hitagi Senjougahara by Kotobukiya
I wish she came with a little beer can. Then the figure would be perfect for sunset/sunrise/looking-at-stuff shots.
Hitagi Senjougahara by Kotobukiya
Kind of looks like she’s peeing.


  • Looking at the first picture, I thought that she was sitting on another person, like with FREEing's Satellizer 2.0/Elizabeth figures. I'm disappointed to learn that she is not, since that smirk would be perfect for that sort of thing and it would definitely show some personality. Not that I know anything about Hitagi's personality, having never watched any of the .*monogatari shows. Do you Chicago people really eat hot dogs with pickles and tomatoes?
    • If I had an Araragi figure then she would definitely be sitting on him. A Chicago style hot dog: - Poppy seed bun - Yellow mustard - Diced onions - Sweet relish - Celery salt - Tomato slices - Pickle spear - Sport peppers - No ketchup within 10 yards
      • Next time I visit Chicago, I'm gonna find a hot dog stand, order one of those atrocities, scrape off everything that's green, take out a couple of wrappages of ketchup and slather that stuff on.
        • You might get shot.
          • I know how it is; they put me in the hospital, I put them in the morgue. This is a fight worth fighting and in the end, I will be content that I have done right.