Figure Review: Kongou by Phat Company

Let me tell you something: Kongou is the greatest. Her boisterous personality, random use of English, and ability to destroy the shit out of anything that stands in her way makes her, objectively, the greatest. However in the realm of anime figures, none of them really grabbed me. I missed out on the Nendoroid, and the other options ranged from slightly-too-rapey to straight up creepy. Eventually Phat Company came along with a Kongou figure that looked juuuust right, and we are all better off for it.

Phat Company’s Kongou captures what makes Kongou the best. It has a mixture of power and flamboyance. This is the Kongou I want to see.

Kongou in the anime

Striking her signature “Burning Love!” pose, this Kongou is a force to be reckoned with.

Phat Company Kongou
HEY, Admiral! Why don’t you let me sortie?

While I think the pose is perfectly fine for display, I found that it somewhat limits your photographic possibilities. Kongou looks the best from the front. If you shoot her from behind, her bulky combat gear looks awkward. It could be just an inherent issue with her design, as most of the time it’s not shown how exactly a ship girl’s gear is attached to her.

For this figure, though, attaching the gear is straightforward. You just need to add the mast to the battleship part, and it attaches to Kongou by a peg in the back. The base has an extra support to prevent any potential leaning issues. As always, I really appreciate a simple assembly process.

Unlike with some Phat Company releases, I didn’t spot any major issues with the build or finish of the figure. All the parts fit together reassuringly (especially the base). The paint job is pretty clean, and the casting is mostly fine except for some visible mold lines on her hair buns. I also like that the turrets on the battleship are articulated. You can adjust the cannons up and down as well as rotate the turrets themselves.

I decided to do some early morning shoots at Montrose Harbor for this review. In fact this was probably the most physical work I’ve done in a review given the amount of walking involved going between the various sites. It was probably for the best, because I think an indoors shoot would have resulted in a lot of similar-looking photos. At Montrose Harbor, there were various vistas I could use that looked at least somewhat naval. It was also a good opportunity to try out my anamorphic lens. Provided you can master the focusing, it lets you produce a distinctly cinematic look when paired with a telephoto lens.


Phat Company Kongou

Phat Company Kongou

Phat Company Kongou

Phat Company Kongou


  • Oh, nice one (‐^▽^‐). In terms of expression that is one of the best Kongou figures, her presence is so dynamic. She has a great looking face and has an attractive outfit. "rapey" is a interesting term :D But it's true, the Max Factory, I wasn't really happy with that Kongou, I didn't keep her for a long time. She had appealing points, but some areas were lacking details. That is indeed a nice looking location, you even brought her outside, good that Phat! Company figures are made quite sturdy ^^
    • Thanks! Yeah I almost lost her base into the lake XD Fortunately it rolled away from the water at the last second.
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