Figure Review: Melty by Alter

Melty is a character from Shining Hearts, a game from a franchise that doesn’t get much exposure in the US. Tony Taka has been doing the character designs for the series, and while they’re all solid, I haven’t been very high on the figures they’ve engendered. I guess if anyone was going to change that, it would be Alter.

As you might know I always love it when a sculptor does something cool with a figure’s base. In this case it’s a dish that holds up Melty’s oversized ice cream cone. The concept is terrific and it all makes for an adorable figure. The sculpt on the ice cream looks great too, but something about the way Melty sits on it looks unnatural. I think she should be sinking into it a bit more.

The figure also has a spoon (removable) with Sorbet, which I guess is the little demon-looking guy on it. It’s totally adorable – totes adorbz even. Getting everything unpacked and assembled wasn’t much trouble. However, me being a klutz, I did break off one of the ribbons on her stockings while putting her on my shelf T_T

Sorry, no shot setup for this one. I had packed everything away before thinking to take one. I had also intended to use more photos for the review, but a lot of them ended up being from similar angles. Sometimes you can get an interesting picture from any angle, and sometimes a figure dictates how you photograph it.

I really wish we’d see more stuff like this from Alter, because they’re so good at making centerpiece figures. Their catalog lately just hasn’t been super impressive, but it’s good to know that they can still put out something amazing every once in a while.

Melty by Alter

Melty by Alter
It’s time we had a discussion about why no one has figured out how to sculpt tongues realistically.

Melty by Alter