Figure Review: Misty Swimsuit ver. by Max Factory

It’s not quite summer officially but it’s sure starting to feel like it around here. So I figured it’s a good time to take a look at Max Factory’s 1/7 Mistral Nereis (Misty), one of the ladies designed by Tony Taka for Shining Hearts. There are a ton of Shining series figures and I’m usually not very interested in them. However Max Factory has a way of convincing me…

Strangely enough this swimsuit figure came out in January 2015, right in the dead of winter for us in the States. I wanted to do this shoot at a beach, but there isn’t really a scenic beach in Chicago so I just did the shoot at home instead.

Being a swimsuit figure, you expect to see a lot of skin. This figure has an optional sarong that you can put on by sliding it up her legs and connecting a beg to the bow. Part of it rests in Misty’s hands, so she’s opening it to show off her legs and a red garter. It’s a good look for the figure, though not terribly remarkable. The sarong also looks heavy, like the skirt for a thick dress – not the breezy summer fashion you’d expect.

Take off that sarong, though, and something about the figure changes. You wouldn’t think it would be so much of a difference as you can already see most of her lower body anyway. But with that extra bit of hip and backside showing, the figure becomes almost lewd. Max Factory’s sculpting job helps too, with great detailing around the body and some strategically placed creases. A lot of swimsuit figures go for a fuller-bodied look (assuming they aren’t for loli characters) but Max Factory has gone for a leaner, athletic build for Misty.

I should say, it’s surprising that I enjoy this design at all. I already mentioned how I don’t care about the majority of Shining series figures, and swimsuit figures are typically even lower on the totem pole. This figure would seem to be a double-whammy of things I ignore, but somehow manages to overcome both obstacles.

If you enjoy good swimsuit designs (I don’t know how anyone could like the stereotypical Japanese school swimsuit), this one’s for you. It has a nice mix of colors, frills, that sarong, and an intriguingly low-cut bottom. And if you enjoy beach bodies, pop off that sarong and you can treat yourself to an amazing view. My photos focus on Misty’s legs and butt but her boobs, stomach, neck, and back are all very well sculpted. I do wish her pose was a little more dynamic, as this figure strongly favors a front view.

There’s not much that needs to be said about Max Factory’s build quality. The paint quality is really sort of irrelevant because the figure’s mostly skin and a dark-colored sarong. I would have loved for this figure to be 1/6-scale but 1/7 suits it just fine. There was only one blemish that I noticed while processing these photos. I think it’s a dab of excess glue between the legs but can’t tell exactly. It gives the figure kind of an obscene glint, which I know will please some members of my readership. As with the Mikuzukin figure, the skin is finished with what feels like a soft-touch coating. You’ll probably have an easier time noticing it on Misty because she’s mostly skin.



Max Factory Misty

Max Factory Misty

Max Factory Misty

Max Factory Misty
It would be criminal not to have a butt shot for this review.

Max Factory Misty


  • She's a hot devil XD Grown up characters with twintails are quite attractive to me. I understand when people say that bikini figures aren't their first choice, I often consider to buy such figures, because I enjoy figures with detailed sculpted bodies. The bikini is really lewd and she doesn't even feel ashamed ( ̄▽+ ̄*) With sarong attached she appears more complete actually.
    • I agree about the sarong but it is worth removing just to see the body sculpt :D