Kollision Con 2015: Uzuhi’s “United We Smile” tour

If you’re thinking Japanese punk rock probably isn’t in my wheelhouse, you’d be right. However it was a quiet Friday afternoon at Kollision Con and suddenly I heard LOUD NOISES so I decided to check it out. And that’s how I found out about Uzuhi.

Uzuhi is a Japanese group based in New York influenced by British punk. Not only do I not know Japanese (I only act like I do), I was never much of a punk rock fan. However, front man Gosha’s performance was so full of passion and energy that I ended up having a lot of fun. It was a small show with only a handful of attendees, but the excitement was contagious and we were all singing along by the end. I ended up going to both their Friday and Saturday shows. Since the crowds were so small they actually did remember me! Anyway, I took plenty of photos (seriously like 300+) so let me know how my first foray into concert photography went. And definitely give Uzuhi’s Facebook page a visit!