Monthly Outlook: November 2012

I have a pretty big pile of figures accumulating, so I’m thinking I’ll probably review a bunch of them this month. That’ll have to wait until my work table comes in, though. I’m trying a dark-colored pub table this time. Mostly it’s about the height; normal-height tables tend to make me hunch over too much, so I think a taller table will be easier to take photos on.

Other stuff I got includes some anime on Blu-ray and some art books. I’m a fan of physical media so I’ve bought a few art books in my time. Recently I got the Shigenori Soejima Artworks book and also Persona 4: Official Design Works. Both are Persona-themed, with the Shigenori Soejima one being more about his overall portfolio of work. I really like his character designs, and his most famous one is probably Persona 3‘s Aigis (and here’s the Tomopop review I did for the figure version):

Shigenori Soejima Artworks

I got this scan from Minitokyo. I suggest you check out their other Persona 3 galleries. Udon did a great job bringing both books over to the the US, which includes translating the text. Soejima provides some nice insights about his character designs, explaining why he chose certain design elements for some characters.

As for the anime, I picked up the first half of Persona 4 and all of FLCL. Obviously I’ve already seen both shows, but I’m a fan of anime on Blu-ray. I haven’t watched the FLCL Blu-ray yet but I have checked out the P4 Blu-ray. It only has the English dub, which I’m ok with but I wonder why they bother doing dubs at all anymore. Unfortunately the source material is full of compression artifacts, which are especially noticeable in dark scenes. I thought it was an issue with the Blu-ray, but I checked out the original HDTV captures and Japanese Blu-ray releases, and they all had the same problems.

I have on pre-order the Blu-ray for Children Who Chase Lost Voices. I’ve always wanted 5 Centimeters Per Second on Blu-ray but that hasn’t gotten a US release for some reason. Honestly everyone should have a Makoto Shinkai anime on Blu-ray, and the only choice right now is Children Who Chase Lost Voices (which is a pretty damn good choice). His work is absolutely breathtaking in HD. A little further down the road, the second volume of Persona 4 will be out, so that’s on my pre-order list. The last thing I want to pick up is the Bakemonogatari Blu-ray collection. The US version will have subtitles for the in-character audio commentary, so that’s something I definitely want to see.