Colors of Autumn part 2

Holo by Kotobukiya

Figure Info

Spice and Wolf
1/8 scale


  • Ths is probably one of my favorite Kotobukiya figures that I don't own haha. The fox girl Holo really has a cute and slightly cheeky expression. I like her outfit with the natural color palette, it works very good with outdoor photography. Good for you that you had a few more nice autumm days than me, the sunlight looks so pretty in your pretty pictures. The portray shots of Holo are my favorites (⌒▽⌒)
    • Wolf! She's a wolf! Although I agree that she has foxy colors. Thanks for the comments, it's always good to see you drop by!!
      • Oh, I'm terribly sorry XD I also mixed that in the anime a few times, she actually feels more foxy instead of a wolf :p

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