Phantom Thief

Joker by Kotobukiya

Figure Info

Kotobukiya - ARTFX J
Persona 5
1/8 scale


  • Good that you aren't afraid of buying figure boys, sometimes there are really nice male figures. Joker looks very cool in his black suit and slightly handsome face, I don't like the bishounen boys with suspicious smiles XD But your Joker seems to be ok ^^ The dynamic pose makes it a really interesting figure. The location you've chosen looks really nice and fancy.
    • He does have a very suspicious smile XD Indeed, I'm not afraid of buying male figures. Many of my favorite characters are males, but figure makers tend to ignore them outside of the specialist bishounen lines. So far my 4 favorite male figures I have are Joker, Vash the Stampede, Nicholas D Wolfwood, and Spike Spiegel... all made by Kotobukiya!
  • Very nice inspire me, as I enjoy taking pics of my figures, but nowhere near as good as you here. I also rely on photoshop more than having a "set" which then makes it really easy to get lazy and not do the best editing job blending your figure in seamlessly. Anyway, about 95% of my collection is all males as you can see here: I do agree though they do tend to ignore males for the most part (for example, why the hell are there 200 monogatari series figures, yet no actual scale figures of Araragi-kun?? That's just one example, but so many more from series that I love. Anyway, very nicely done...gorgeous photos.
    • Thanks! I agree, Araragi deserves a scale figure. As Monogatari is still popular, we’ll just have to hope someone makes one. BTW I looked through your album and your photos are really good! You’re too modest lol

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