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Revisiting Daiki Kougyo’s Ryomou Shimei – Makigumo

Revisiting Daiki Kougyo’s Ryomou Shimei

I’m no Ikkitousen fan, but for some reason I have two Ryomou Shimei figures. The first one I got was Daiki Kougyo’s, mostly because I really like Shunya Yamashita’s interpretation of the design. It was one of my earliest reviews, though, and I don’t much like the result nowadays. So I decided to revisit this figure with some fresher photos.

According to MFC’s database, Daiki Kougyo has made 11 Ryomou Shimei figures. They range from good to… this gold monstrosity. This Shunya Yamashita design has three variants: a junior high version, one with a face truer to the show, and this 100% Shunya version. They’re all pretty comparable, though only one version appears to have a wet blouse. But I liked the face on this one best.

Daiki Kougyo Ryomou Shimei

Her eye is weird, though. It looks normal at first glance, but stare deeper into it and her pupil is almost alien-like.

Daiki Kougyo Ryomou Shimei

The maid outfit is very well done. It seems in the figure world, if you want to impress people with sculpting, you go for lots of ruffles and ribbons. Despite being a really old figure (2010 release), it holds up really well. It’s almost a novelty now to see a Shunya Yamashita design that isn’t part of Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo lineup.

Daiki Kougyo Ryomou Shimei

Ryomou does fight with handcuffs, apparently. On this figure they’re more of a BDSM accessory. Of course Gift’s Maid Sonico is perfect for the receiving end of that!

Daiki Kougyo Ryomou Shimei

This Sonico is great because you can do a lot with her pose. As a matter of fact you can do a few different things with Ryomou’s pose too:

Daiki Kougyo Ryomou Shimei

Not so harmless now is she?

There is a cast-off option that’s pretty quick. You can remove Ryomou’s frilly skirt to reveal panties that are a size too small:

Daiki Kougyo Ryomou Shimei

Well, it’s fine. I guess they could have done a better job on her ass but it’s not bad. Anyway, I prefer this figure with skirt on.

This is a fun old figure that has been a mainstay of my display until a couple of years ago when there was just too much new stuff to keep displaying the old. Hopefully I can find another place now to display her.



  • Since I marathoned all season of Ikki Tousen it grow on me, while it was suffering from different things, I still remember something positive about it. At first my favorite character was Reimu , I later found more of a liking for Hakufu, though I onlybought one figure of Kanu from Daiki. The figure looks cool, the funky maid dress, her pose and the parts that make her sexy eveEeverything comes together nicely. Really like the top and the boots. Haha, poor Sonico XD
    • Sonico's pose offers all sorts of interesting possibilities :D