Snapshot: Asuka Langley Shikinami Jersey ver. by Alter

Update: review’s up

Unfortunately, no Halloween post from me as I was doing something more important (watching basketball)… but Alter’s new Asuka figure came in and I wanted to get a photo shoot done. I really like her world-weary pissed off look as it fits her character in Evangelion 3.33 well. And hey, shiny red buttocks.

Asuka Langley Shikinami Jersey ver. by Alter
Shiny butts: always good for catching rim lights.
Asuka Langley Shikinami Jersey ver. by Alter
I’m not sure why but this is by far my favorite Asuka expression on a figure.

The setup:

Asuka Langley Shikinami Jersey ver. by Alter

Pretty simple overall, with yet another baking pan 🙂

I went with a cross-lit setup with the key being an umbrella (gridded flash in some shots) and a softbox for the rim. If you want to get that nice wrap-around on a rim, you need to go really big. That lesson took me entirely too long to learn, so here you go. The camera this time is a rental, which performed well but is hilariously dwarfed by my flash unit.

(Oh yeah, if you’ve read my Twitter lately you’re probably thinking I’ve become a shill for Fujifilm. This is not the case.)


  • It's a great looking Asuka figure, she can look really gloomy from this certain angle. I probably prefer her look over her shoulder, though. I love that they added this neko ear hat, even when wearing a tough outfit like that, Asuka still keeps a bit of feminine charm.
    • I wonder if the cat hat is trying to ape Nadeko's hat from Bakemonogatari... kind of a weird thing to be wearing after the apocalypse. Not as weird as Mari's cat helmet, though.
  • BattleWearyMYDICK
    Bandaged Auska is just a response to the bandaged Rei fetish.
    • But which bandaged/one-eyed girl is best?
      • BostonBrandon
        Rei wins it with her introduction scene. Come on, she has a plasma/platelet IV hooked up to her!
  • Always cool seeing the setups for figure photos. I've noticed quite a few people using these external flashes for lighting figures,but what are the advantages of this compared to the continuous lighting others use in the form of desk lamps and such? I live in London where natural light can often by quite crappy, so I'm thinking I may have to invest in some lighting for my indoor photography.
    • I started with desk lamps and honestly for table-top shooting they're not bad. But I moved to flashes because they're far more versatile. The main advantage is that you have control over the power output. At flash at full power is way brighter than a desk lamp with a 100W bulb, but you can also dial down the power depending on the look you want to achieve. Another thing is that they're all the same basic shape, so it's easy to find or make modifiers for them. With some DIY know-how you can do this with desk lamps too but I find that the smaller size of flash heads is easier to work with. If you for some reason move on to studio flashes, they're specifically designed to take on light modifiers (of course they'll be very expensive). The last thing is portability. With a speedlight you just need a handful of AA batteries and you can bring your light with you wherever you go. There's no need to plug anything in. That may not be as relevant to you but, I like being able to reposition my lights quickly to experiment with different setups. And if you ever want to light people, you'll pretty much have to go with flash.
      • Those are some great points, your comparison is much appreciated. I think I'll try and get the hang of the basics with my desk lamp and then grab a speedlight.
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  • I have a confession to make. I blatantly "stole" your setup by using an old cookie sheet for the backdrop to my photos of Asuka. It really lends an "industrial" feel to the shots, perfect for Evangelion's post-apocalyptic world. Thanks for the photo tips.