Snapshot: Girl in a cage

Sometimes you just take a random photo that you fall in love with. I found this one in the depths of my Lightroom catalog recently, a sweetly vintage-looking snapshot of Sayame by Questioners.

Questioners Birdcage Girl

Sayame (or Torikago no Shoujo/Bircage Girl) is a design by Sakurako Iwanaga, whose work ranges from beautifully ethereal to poppy to outright creepy. Unfortunately outside of her various Miku figures, not a lot of her designs have made it to PVC form. And while I’m not too sad that the PVC world missed out on the naked quad-amputee torso figure, I’m glad we got Sayame.

In fact this may have been the best figure of 2012. It’s not the prettiest (I’d say that goes to Alter’s Aigis) or the most impressive (definitely Kotobukiya’s Yoshimitsu) but it is probably the most artistic. It’s something you can appreciate without that baggage of being an anime figure. People can just look at it in itself and wonder about the story it’s telling.

The thing is, I didn’t actually unbox this figure until 2014 when I moved into my new apartment. And, well, technically she’s still not unboxed. There’s not really a display option that doesn’t involve hanging. The whole assembly process takes some work, but the resulting display is stunning. The birdcage box is a brilliant bit of packaging and also protects the figure from dust. The only thing is finding a good place to hang it up. Luckily, my living room has some track lights on the ceiling that are just perfect. I took this photo just to share on Twitter, but after revisiting it, I really like the composition and the washed out colors.

Actually the version you see is pretty much what I got in-camera, except with some processing to pull back the yellows. Otherwise it was a rare lucky shot that I barely had to do any work on.