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Snapshots: ex:ride Racing Miku TT Zero 13 Kai – Makigumo

Snapshots: ex:ride Racing Miku TT Zero 13 Kai

Although Max Factory pumps out a lot of figmas, they’re a bit lacking in the “giving them stuff to do” category. Individual figmas may come with certain character-specific accessories, but you rarely get accessories/play sets designed to go with any figma. That’s why I jumped on the figma PLUS sets, why I got excited for the figma horse, and why I ordered this figma-sized motorcycle. Dedicated hobbyists may opt to build their own play sets and accessories, but to be honest I’ve always been a “buy it from someone else” kind of guy 🙂

GSR Racing Miku TT Zero 13 Kai

figma-sized transportation is always cool (at least to me). There are bicycles, but they’re nowhere near as cool as this motorcycle. It’s designed to be paired with the 2014 EV Mirai Racing Miku, which I didn’t get. I tried seating Sunred and Karen Araragi on it, but they’re too big and/or not flexible enough to sit correctly. Sunred in particular is a hulk of a figma so maybe that’s not so surprising. It turns out Karen is pretty large too, and her baggy shorts make it hard for her to straddle the seat.

GSR Racing Miku TT Zero 13 Kai

The most annoying thing about the motorcycle is the front wheel, which is detachable. Maybe it’s designed that way to prevent breakage, but it falls off way too easily. I might have to magnetize it or something to make it hold better. There’s also no transparent stand for holding the bike upright. I took some craft wire and jury-rigged a kickstand for it, but it would be nice to have a more flexible stand that can maybe hold a wheelie pose.

GSR Racing Miku TT Zero 13 Kai

This is my favorite shot so far with the bike. This is actually an HDR photo of sorts because straight out of camera, Karen and the bike were underexposed by about 1.5 stops. I then brightened the shadows, and bumped the luminance on Karen herself even a bit more.

Hopefully the figma horse will be easier to actually have your figmas sit on. Although most figmas have a pretty good range of motion, their hips and torsos aren’t really articulated enough to bend to extreme angles.