Snapshots: Hitting the beach

Summer so far has mostly consisted of rain and overcast skies for me :/ But I did get one sunny day over the weekend, so I took some figures to the beach. I had some ideas for some beach shots, but unfortunately didn’t prepare well at all.

Mistake #1 was forgetting to bring stands or support items for my Nendoroids. Damn it! I made do with some rocks.

Nendoroid I-401 and Shinobu Oshino

I really like Nendoroid I-401. She’s just happy to let her seaplanes fly free, and the shoulder bag torpedo launcher is totally adorable. I didn’t want to get too close to the water, though, fearing that the waves might claim my valuable submarine 😀

Nendoroid I-401

There was an isolated stretch of beach where I could take photos without random people walking into frame. I found it difficult to take shots where the figure integrated well with the beach sand, surprisingly. But anyway, here’s a Beach Queen on a real beach:

Wave Beach Queen Misaka Mikoto

Wave’s Mikoto is fantastic but I’m not sure about the inner tube. I could only get it there by bending Mikoto’s left arm uncomfortably far.

Max Factory’s Misty was born for the beach:

Max Factory Misty

Kotobukiya’s Mikoto looks great here too. She has a very nice base with water effects, but I couldn’t figure out a way to integrate it into the shot so I just caught the little water splash instead.

Kotobukiya Misaka Mikoto

Sadly I more or less ruined this figure somehow… I had kept all my figures in a tote bag but didn’t wrap them or transport them in their boxes. I guess the loose bits of sand that found their way into the bag marked up the figure, because there were dirt and scratch marks all over her legs and arms. I tried cleaning with soap and water, but I’m not sure it helped T_T Oh well…

The Kotobukiya figure got the worst of it. My Beach Queen Mikoto received a couple of very light scratches. Max Factory’s Misty held up the best, though. I imagine she went through the same pummeling as Koto’s figure, but came out 100% fine.


  • remarkable that you could bring all of them at once, well on the other hand it was a slightly risky method of transportation. I like these pictures, the sky and the not too strong light gives a beautiful beach atmosphere, Mikoto from Wave looks wonderful there.
    • Yeah I tossed them into a tote I had, but in retrospect I should have packed them better. Poor Mikoto... T_T