Super Serial: A Certain Scientific Railgun S episode 1

So it’s back. The Index-verse gets another installment, this time a sequel to A Certain Scientific Railgun (which I rather enjoyed). Railgun S is the continuation, bearing a suitably JDM tite name because who uses numbers nowadays.

This episode follows almost the same plot line of the first episode of Railgun. It opens pretty much the same way: one of the girls is accosted by some unsavory dudes. Kuroko, representing Judgment, attempts to come in for the rescue. Mikoto shows up and disposes of the bad guys because she’s a Level 5 electromaster and doesn’t need to put up with anybody’s shit. In a few quick scenes, you get the gist of who these girls are. Saten is kind of reckless, Uiharu is weak but good with computers, Kuroko tries to be a peacekeeper, and Mikoto is a good-hearted but powerful loose cannon.

Everything that follows should be familiar: meeting some friends, hostage situation, Mikoto taking out some transportation with her railgun, you know. All in a day’s work in Academy City. We’re also introduced to Misaki Shokuhou, Tokiwadai’s other Level 5 who is a powerful psychic. She and Mikoto don’t like each other for reasons unstated, but I suspect Mikoto is envious of Shokuhou’s bust. What other reason could there possibly be for the camera to linger there?

I thought it was an okay reintroduction to the series for those who watched the first season, even going back to showing a bit of what happened to the comatose children who were awakened at the end. Railgun did not abandon plot lines as quickly as the first season of Index did, so maybe all this Child Error stuff will continue to build to something.