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Kantai Collection

Anime Review: Kantai Collection ~KanColle~

If you took 100 ordinary people and screened KanColle for them, you’ll find that it’s objectively kind of a nothing show. But I’m going to have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. All this probably boils down to how susceptible to moe I am – KanColle is about moe anthropomorphisms of Japanese WWII-era warships roughly reenacting the Pacific War. If that summary sounds appealing for you, congratulations! You’re part of KanColle‘s surprisingly large target audience.

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Anime Review: Kill la Kill

I’m trying to write this review but the words that keep coming to mind are: Kill la Kill is awesome and you should watch it. When you get down to it, that’s really all that needs to be said.

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9 shirts for anime fans on Redbubble

I’m gearing up for convention season, so I’ve been looking at otaku-suitable t-shirt designs at Redbubble. I’ve never actually bought from them before, but they seem to have a bunch of awesome designs. This post isn’t intended to plug their merchandise really, but since I can’t be buying all of these, maybe some of you will. And then we’ll meet and take some sweet selfies.

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Wolf Children

Anime Review: Wolf Children

I can’t help but to love Wolf Children. It’s partly a Ghibli-esque story about a young woman overcoming the challenges set on her by a demanding life. But it’s also a very un-Ghibli film about a single mother and the bittersweet experiences she has raising two children alone. The 117-minute run time seemed to cruise by as I got utterly wrapped up in the characters and their daily lives.

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A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Anime Review: A Certain Scientific Railgun S

If A Certain Magical Index is a wild, unfocused exposition of superpowered fantasy, then its spin-off A Certain Scientific Railgun is a slightly more grounded work that mixes in character development and an actual plot. I’ve always preferred Railgun to Index for that reason – superpowers are more fun when you care about who’s wielding them. The continuation, A Certain Scientific Railgun S, takes the same approach as the first season but moves away from the mostly lighthearted feel of the original.

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Nan Desu Kan 2013

Nan Desu Kan 2013: a patch of joy amidst the flooding

Before we get into NDK 2013, I want you to spare a moment of your time to think about donating to Colorado’s flood relief efforts. I’m sure any contribution you can make will be of great help as there are quite a few dead, injured, or displaced from the flooding. As someone who has seen and dealt with flooding in Illinois this past spring, I can say it’s not pretty.

Anyway, on to the convention report! Nan Desu Kan is the premier anime convention of the Rockies, though I wonder how many anime conventions go on out there. It takes place in southeastern Denver (the Denver Tech Center). Fortunately, we were spared the nasty business of flooding and generally had good weather (though there was a tornado risk for a while). Read on for the glorious details.

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The week in things: stuff and happenings

It’s Friday night so that means we get back to my favorite time of the week: shout-out time! I haven’t done the separate anime and figure posts in a while, although I did somehow manage to write both an anime review and a figure review in the same week. Strange things do happen. Read on to see the most exciting things and stuffs in my otaku world.

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Anime Review: Nisemonogatari

About a year and a half after releasing the final episode of Bakemonogatari, Shaft followed up with its sequel Nisemonogatari. Although shorter than its predecessor with only 11 episodes, watching Nisemonogatari nonetheless felt like a long, drawn-out affair. I watched the series over the course of a weekend, but I wouldn’t suggest watching more than two or three episodes at a time. Despite my intrigue and mild excitement going in, it was a pretty exhausting anime to sit through.

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All hail Hanji

The week in review: Comic Con’s over and now everything sucks

Well, all good things must come to an end. And while the best word to describe four days (plus a bonus night for press) of Comic Con coverage is “grueling,” it takes a while to adjust to the pace of normal life afterward. The world did not just freeze while I was in San Diego, though. Happily, there are plenty of shout-outs to give and news to cover.

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Mid-week anime catch-up: is that a railgun in your pocket or are you just trying to brutally murder me?

I haven’t done an anime post in a while, but I wanted to write a little at the mid-season point of Railgun S. Also a little thing called Anime Expo happened, which I was not able to attend. Besides, this might be my last post for a bit until I get back from San Diego in two weeks. Saaavooorr it!

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Erica Hartmann by Alter

The hiatus after the hiatus

Getting review samples is great, unless you get a bunch at the same time. Trying to get the reviews done before deadlines has been slowly murdering me (I was also trying to finish The Last of Us in that time so that’s my fault). Well the game remains incomplete, but the reviews are done. I’d be remiss if I didn’t post at least a bunch of shout-outs before disappearing for the week, so here they are.

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The week in anime: June 17, 2013

It’s that time already? My how the weeks fly by. I’ve come to realize that the only anime news I really care about is Evangelion news, but I won’t let that stop me from rounding up other sorts of anime news. Plus I’ll get to the usual recaps for what I’ve been watching.

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