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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Anime Review: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

December 16: the S.O.S. Brigade is being dragged around as usual by a spirited Haruhi, who decides to hold a Christmas party. Kyon dreads the inevitable trouble that will arise. December 18: Kyon awakes to what he thinks will be another day full of Haruhi’s mischief. To his shock, he finds that things have changed. Everyone’s memory of the last few weeks has been altered. More importantly, no one in his class has heard of Haruhi Suzumiya. Kyon goes to seek answers from the S.O.S. Brigade members, only to find that they don’t know who he is. At wit’s end, Kyon siezes upon a clue that could unravel the universe itself.

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Valkyria Chronicles

Anime Review: Valkyria Chronicles

When war breaks out in Europa, the small nation of Gallia is targeted by the East Europa Imperial Alliance for its large reserves of Ragnite. Despite the superior industrial and military capabilities of the Empire, Gallian citizens take up arms to fight off the coming invasion. Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott are two such citizens, whose hometown of Bruhl was an early casualty of the war. As Welkin secures a series of victories for Gallia, the Empire turns to more and more drastic means to defeat him, eventually seeking out the power of a legendary race of superhumans known as the Valkyrur.

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Anime Review: Cencoroll

The story begins with Yuki, a high school student, inadvertently discovering that a schoolmate, Tetsu, keeps a shape shifting monster with him as a pet. Fascinated by this creature (named Cenco), Yuki starts to follow it and Tetsu around. When the three are suddenly attacked by another boy (Shu) who controls a similar creature, Tetsu reluctantly protects Yuki. This sparks off a rivalry that culminates in a gigantic clash between Cenco and Shu’s monsters.

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Spice and Wolf II

Anime Review: Spice and Wolf II

Holo and Lawrence continue on their journey, gaining new insights about Holo’s homeland by researching local and collected folk tales. However, not everything they learn is pleasant, and Lawrence must put his own dreams on the line to ensure that their journey does not end in sorrow.

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Summer Wars

Anime Review: Summer Wars

While working a summer job as an admin of the online universe Oz, Kenji Koiso gets asked by his senior, Natsuki Shinohara, to go with her as a hired hand to an important family function. While dealing with the rowdiness and drama of Natsuki’s extended family, a malevolent presence in Oz begins to cause real world trouble. Suddenly, Kenji and the Shinohara family find themselves at the focal point of Oz’s problems – and it’s up to them to put a stop to the chaos before anyone gets hurt.

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Minami-ke Okaeri

Anime Review: Minami-ke Okaeri

The story of the Minami sisters (and their extended cast of friends) is continued in Okaeri.

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A Certain Magical Index

Anime Review: A Certain Magical Index

In Academy City, people from all walks of life gather to develop and study esper powers – abilities that seem to defy the laws of physics but still operate on scientifically quantifiable principles. Those who are unable to use esper powers turn to magic, but magicians are strictly prohibited from entering Academy City. This balance is upset when by chance, Toma Kamijo meets the English Church’s most precious magical asset: a girl named Index. Her presence in Academy City attracts other magicians, and Toma has the unlucky duty of having to ensure that the magicians and espers don’t all end up killing each other.

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Resident Evil: Degeneration

Anime Review: Resident Evil: Degeneration

While returning from humanitarian work abroad, Claire Redfield finds herself caught in another outbreak of the T-virus, this time in an airport. Also caught in the outbreak is Senator Ron Davis, a backer of pharmaceutical corporation WilPharma, which rose to prominence after Umbrella’s downfall. They are rescued by Leon Kennedy, and soon he and Claire find themselves in the middle of a bioterror plot that could cause more widespread outbreaks of the T-virus. Together the two have to discover the perpetrators of the incident and retrieve whatever data remains of a vaccine.

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Lucky Star OVA

Anime Review: Lucky Star OVA

Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki, and friends are back with a new series of vignettes exploring their everyday lives. Words like “adventure” and “whacky” can be interspersed into the first sentence as desired.

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Strike Witches

Anime Review: Strike Witches

In 1939, the world was invaded by a mysterious and powerful enemy known as the Neuroi. In a flash, most of Europe fell under their occupation. Conventional weapons and military tactics are useless against the Neuroi, thus necessitating the recruitment of magic-wielding girls known as witches. Strike Witches tells the story of Yoshika Miyafuji, one such witch who was recruited into the colorful 501st Joint Fighter Wing. By relying on teamwork, their magic, and the striker units which allow them to fly, the 501st become Europe’s best hope for liberation.

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Sword of the Stranger

Anime Review: Sword of the Stranger

A swordsman with no name (who is named Nanashi despite his no-name status) happens upon Kotaro, an orphan child being hunted by Ming Chinese agents. Nanashi accepts Kotaro’s offer to protect him and his dog Tobimaru in exchange for a treasure once Kotaro arrives at his destination. Meanwhile, the Ming warriors continue to track and pursue them, since Kotaro is needed to realize their agenda.

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RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~

Anime Review: RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~

Rin Asougi runs Asougi Consulting, a private investigator’s firm consisting of herself and her friend Mimi. Unbeknownst to most people, the two are immortal, and can heal from lethal injuries if given enough time. When they meet Kouki Maeno, a series of events is kicked off that ties their destinies together. Behind the scenes, a mysterious figure manipulates them to get to the source of Rin and Mimi’s immortality.

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