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Improving a gloomy day with the power of friendship

Since it’s autumn, my favorite season, I decided to go do an outdoors photo shoot. Unfortunately, what started out as a great day quickly turned into a gross and cloudy day. Not to worry! My subjects are never brought down by the weather, no matter how cloudy, windy, cold, and generally shitty.

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figma Sunred

The world’s worst superhero at the Chicago Botanic Garden

I was too busy watching the Chicago Blackhawks win their fifth Stanley Cup championship, defeating the Boston Bruins on a couple of insane last-minute goals. Hockey is bad for your heart, folks. Anyway, because of that, I wasn’t able to write up my usual anime news roundup (recaps: STUFF WENT DOWN). I did have some good stuff too, but you’ll never know. Instead, I decided to share some photos of my trip to Chicago’s Botanic Gardens. My traveling companion this time is figma Sunred, the world’s worst superhero.

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