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Embrace Japan Tibalta

Figure Review: Diabolus Macrodontia Tibalta by Embrace Japan

It’s a Halloween two-fer! Well it would have been if Amiami had shipped this a few days earlier. Today we’ll be looking at another Embrace Japan figure: Diabolus Macrodontia Tibalta. This is the seventh figure in their “Black Arts Keeper” line, and I think the only one without any kind of cast-off feature.

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Embrace Japan Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona

NSFW Figure Review: Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona by Embrace Japan

Halloween has come (and gone!) which means it’s time to call out the spirits. In early October I received my eagerly anticipated pre-order of Embrace Japan’s Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona. Everything about her screamed “Halloween” so I took the whole month thinking of how to set up this shoot. A couple of pumpkins and a boatload of dried moss later, I finally have a figure review!

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Sigrid of the Thorn by Embrace Japan

NSFW Figure Review: Sigrid of the Thorn by Embrace Japan

It’s been nearly four full months since my last honest-to-goodness figure review! I’ve shot some smaller photo sets since then, but I think it’s time I got back to what I do best reasonably well.

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Duram Sherif by Embrace Japan (33)

NSFW Figure Review: Duram Sherif by Embrace Japan

One thing I don’t like is when figures come with too many small pieces that you need to assemble. Usually with the figures I buy, the end result is worth it. But it makes me hold off on unboxing and reviewing the figure – especially if there are multiple configurations like Good Smile Company’s Needa. I think Embrace Japan set the record in August with their Iron Princess Duram Sherif figure, which comes with 13 separate pieces not including the body and base.

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Diabolus Inclinatus by Embrace Japan

(NSFW) Figure Review: Diabolus Inclinatus by Embrace Japan

Diabolus Inclinatus is based on the art of Sousi Hirose, who drew this character for the cover of his doujinshi Demon Squeezer. The basic design and pose was then translated into PVC form by Embrace Japan.

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