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Kotobukiya Olivia

Figure Review: Dark Angel Olivia by Kotobukiya

Since I’ve reviewed Forte, I thought I’d do a photo shoot for Kotobukiya’s Dark Angel Olivia as well. Both figures can best be described with the word “grand.” While Forte sports a pair of irresponsibly pointy lances, Olivia has twin swords and angel wings. The design is eye-catching enough in 2D, but Kotobukiya turned it into a figure truly worth owning.

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Kotobukiya Forte

Figure Review: Dark Dragoon Forte by Kotobukiya

I’ve never played Rage of Bahamut but I’ll be damned if there aren’t some fine character designs in that game. Kotobukiya has produced some excellent figures for the property, including the Dark Angel Olivia that originally turned me on to this game. I’ve also reviewed Max Factory’s Cerberus which is perhaps less awe-inspiring than just cute/sexy. In early July I received Kotobukiya’s Dark Dragoon Forte, which kind of looks like a sister piece to Olivia.

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Kotobukiya Shinobu Oshino

Figure Review: Shinobu Oshino Plain Clothes ver. by Kotobukiya

I admit I might have a problem. As I write this there are eight Shinobu figures on display behind me. Well, technically one is Kiss-Shot but yeah, same thing. While the character didn’t really become relevant until the very end of Bakemonogatari, she has kind of become the ultimate moe character for me. Kotobukiya’s rendition here isn’t their first, but it is their most recent. It got a bit lost in the shuffle as I was working on some home improvements when it first arrived. But finally I had the inkling to do a real photo shoot.

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Phat Company Rise Kujikawa

Figure Review: Rise Kujikawa by Phat Company

If I have a video game obsession it would be Persona 4. Something about that game and its characters resonated with me in a way that I had never felt before. Obviously I’m not the only one, as Persona 4 became a huge hit… and then the bizarre spin-offs started coming. I guess it’s fitting though because the world of Persona is bizarre. But what I wouldn’t have dreamed of is that there would be a dancing rhythm game using the characters and settings of Persona 4. That brings us to Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Phat Company’s Rise Kujikawa.

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Embrace Japan Tibalta

Figure Review: Diabolus Macrodontia Tibalta by Embrace Japan

It’s a Halloween two-fer! Well it would have been if Amiami had shipped this a few days earlier. Today we’ll be looking at another Embrace Japan figure: Diabolus Macrodontia Tibalta. This is the seventh figure in their “Black Arts Keeper” line, and I think the only one without any kind of cast-off feature.

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Embrace Japan Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona

NSFW Figure Review: Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona by Embrace Japan

Halloween has come (and gone!) which means it’s time to call out the spirits. In early October I received my eagerly anticipated pre-order of Embrace Japan’s Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona. Everything about her screamed “Halloween” so I took the whole month thinking of how to set up this shoot. A couple of pumpkins and a boatload of dried moss later, I finally have a figure review!

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Max Factory Misty

Figure Review: Misty Swimsuit ver. by Max Factory

It’s not quite summer officially but it’s sure starting to feel like it around here. So I figured it’s a good time to take a look at Max Factory’s 1/7 Mistral Nereis (Misty), one of the ladies designed by Tony Taka for Shining Hearts. There are a ton of Shining series figures and I’m usually not very interested in them. However Max Factory has a way of convincing me…

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Max Factory Mikuzukin

Figure Review: Hatsune Miku Mikuzukin ver. by Max Factory (feat. 360 view!)

I’ve really been liking Max Factory’s releases as of late. As far as figure sculpts go they tend to be the most ambitious – or failing that the sexiest. Their latest scale figure release as of this writing is the Hatsune Miku Mikuzukin version by Grissry Panda. This became one of my favorite Miku designs as soon as I saw the prototype, and I’m happy to say that the final product lives up to my expectations.

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Marvel Bishoujo Jubilee by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: Marvel Bishoujo Jubilee by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line has been going for a long time – even longer than I’ve been a collector I think. The quality, especially of the sculpts, has been up and down. Some of them don’t do a good job translating Shunya Yamashita’s designs to 3D while others are less problematic (but that won’t stop fans from nitpicking!). Jubilee was released around late December/January, and the promo shots were promising. Last week I finally decided to pick one up now that I have some cash to put into figures.

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Momo Velia Deviluke by Max Factory

Figure Review: Momo Velia Deviluke by Max Factory

Max Factory’s 1/6 Momo was an impulse buy for me, as she’s super cute and sexy. Wedding dress-based designs are nice enough, but take the dress off and hey… Anyway, Momo has been in my display cabinet for a while. It occurred to me that I never got around to reviewing the figure, so here we go.

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Cerberus by Max Factory

Figure Review: Cerberus by Max Factory

If there’s one figure maker with a direct line into my wallet, I’d say it’s Max Factory. Every year, I buy a handful of random Max Factory figures – not because they’re always making characters that I love, but because they consistently wow me with amazing sculpts or luscious booty. Usually their figures have both, as was the case with this 1/7 Cerberus from Rage of Bahamut.

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