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Daiki Kougyo Ryomou Shimei

Revisiting Daiki Kougyo’s Ryomou Shimei

I’m no Ikkitousen fan, but for some reason I have two Ryomou Shimei figures. The first one I got was Daiki Kougyo’s, mostly because I really like Shunya Yamashita’s interpretation of the design. It was one of my earliest reviews, though, and I don’t much like the result nowadays. So I decided to revisit this figure with some fresher photos.

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Ryomou Shimei by UART

Figure Review: Ryomou Shimei by UART

Let it be known that I’m not an Ikkitousen fan. I’ve never seen any of the shows, so I have very little idea about what I’m missing. And while I’ve managed to avoid the deluge of Kanu Unchou figures, two Ryomou Shimei figures have made their way into my collection.

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Ryomou Shimei by Daiki Kougyo

Figure Review: Ryomou Shimei by Daiki Kougyo

In the world of figures, Ikkitousen is probably the most tapped franchise. I don’t know what it is about the show, but there are approximately a billion different Ikkitousen figures out there, and most of them are of either Kanu Unchou or Ryomou Shimei. Although I’m not a fan of the series in the slightest, I own not one but two Ryomou Shimei figures for some reason.

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