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Jaina Solo by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: Jaina Solo by Kotobukiya

I’m not really into the Star Wars extended universe, but I was intrigued when Kotobukiya announced their Jaina Solo ARTFX statue. Despite being modeled on a Shunya Yamashita design, Jaina is branded as an ARTFX figure and not as part of the Bishoujo line. Unlike other Yamashita designs, Jaina’s design is rather conservative. She’s not showing a lot of skin, or even striking one of those poses designed to make Hawkeye look silly. I’m guessing it’s because of the Star Wars license – gotta keep it kid friendly – but I think the result actually enhances the appeal of the figure.

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DC Comics Bishoujo Supergirl by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: DC Comics Bishoujo Supergirl by Kotobukiya

The end of July will lead to an onslaught of figures which will probably be tempered by delays. In any case it’ll bring more than the June drought I’ve been suffering through. The first of the July figures to arrive is Kotobukiya’s Supergirl, from the DC Bishoujo line.

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Marvel Bishoujo Ms. Marvel by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: Marvel Bishoujo Ms. Marvel by Kotobukiya

Drawing from that ever-fertile reservoir of scantily-clad, busty women, today I review a figure from American comics. Kotobukiya has been collaborating with Shunya Yamashita and Marvel Comics on their Marvel Bishoujo figure line. Last month their combined talents created Ms. Marvel, a character normally associated with The Avengers.

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Rei Ayanami by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: Rei Ayanami by Kotobukiya

When this figure was announced, I thought Kotobukiya must have needed another quick cash injection. Their creative guys probably held an emergency meeting. Obviously, the strategy is to release another Rei figure. But what to dress her in? Clown suit? Dinosaur suit? Bear suit? Many sleepless nights passed, and finally they decided to go for the plugsuit again. Except this time, instead of an Eva-00 bust, she would be leaning on rubble. Instead of 1/6 scale, she’d be 1/7 scale. And instead of looking upward with her back bent at an unnatural angle, she’d be looking slightly less upward with her back bent at an unnatural angle. Brilliant, they thought. It’s like a whole different figure!

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Marvel Bishoujo Emma Frost by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: Marvel Bishoujo Emma Frost by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line of figures has been surprisingly controversial. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on whether or not Shunya Yamashita’s style adequately captures the subjects, and on whether or not Kotobukiya did a good job translating his illustrations into sculpture. I liked all the ones I saw last year, but I never liked the characters enough to want to buy them. But a combination of low prices, my love of Yamashita’s work, and my fondness of the concept kept the temptation strong. Finally they announced a bishoujo version of Emma Frost that looked absolutely hawt in the promo pictures, so I went ahead and ordered. Turns out she wasn’t all that I hoped for…

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