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Elf by Max Factory

Figure Review: Elf by Max Factory

Gotta love figures that are just given a generic race-based name. I suppose it wouldn’t do to have xXGamerGurrl92Xx as the figure name, but still it’s weird referring to this one as “Elf.” This is Max Factory’s take on the Lineage II character design, which was released last summer. While it’s a pretty figure overall, a few things have kept this from becoming one of my favorites.

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Elf by Orchid Seed

Figure Review: Elf by Orchid Seed

First, a bit of history. I only started collecting figures like six months ago. It began with action figures, as I couldn’t understand the appeal of static figurines. I had come close to buying some in the past—Wave’s Rise Kujikawa temped me for a long time but ultimately was too expensive. Then one day, I saw this elf from Lineage II, and I knew I had to have it. This figure opened to me the world of static figurines, and was basically the cause of my addiction.

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