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Kotobukiya Shinobu Oshino Panaino! ver.

Snapshot: Donut loving vampire on a sunny day

Despite the stormy weather forecasts, we got a beautiful day here during this long weekend. I wanted to take some shots of my most summer-y figure enjoying the sun!

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Kotobukiya Shinobu Oshino

Figure Review: Shinobu Oshino Plain Clothes ver. by Kotobukiya

I admit I might have a problem. As I write this there are eight Shinobu figures on display behind me. Well, technically one is Kiss-Shot but yeah, same thing. While the character didn’t really become relevant until the very end of Bakemonogatari, she has kind of become the ultimate moe character for me. Kotobukiya’s rendition here isn’t their first, but it is their most recent. It got a bit lost in the shuffle as I was working on some home improvements when it first arrived. But finally I had the inkling to do a real photo shoot.

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Hachikuji, Shinobu, and Canti

Snapshots: Robot babysitter

There’s nothing quite like taking advantage of some beautiful weather to get some outdoors figure shots. At worst, you don’t get the shot you want but the day still doesn’t feel wasted.

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Alter Black Hanekawa

Figure Review: Black Hanekawa by Alter

Time to look at an oldie! Alter’s Black Hanekawa was first released in 2011, which is probably when I got it. Yeah that seems like something I’d do. It also had a release in 2013, probably coinciding with the return of the Monogatari series. For those unfamiliar with the character, Black Hanekawa is the possessed form of Tsubasa Haneekawa, a cat demon who sucks energy from her victims. I think her popularity is due to her sexy/cute attributes, as I didn’t find her story arc in Bakemonogatari to be all that great. If you’re Alter, though, story is but a trifling matter next to the character design.

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Wave Beach Queen Misaka Mikoto

Snapshots: Hitting the beach

Summer so far has mostly consisted of rain and overcast skies for me :/ But I did get one sunny day over the weekend, so I took some figures to the beach. I had some ideas for some beach shots, but unfortunately didn’t prepare well at all.

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Nendoroid Sakura Miku and Mayoi Hachikuji

Snapshot: Late night gaming

You’ve seen the tiny Shinobu figure I got, but I have a tiny Hachikuji too! Nendoroids aren’t super tiny but they’re small enough to make a 3DS look like a big screen TV. Looks like they’re having some fun with the Mii creator…

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Snapshot: Hachikuji and Shinobu at dawn

Since Shinobu and Hachikuji are best buds now, I wanted to get a shot of them at sunrise. Not much to explain here, just exposed for the figures and tried to tolerate the sun in my eye as much as I could. Being able to get these shots is an advantage of having an east-facing apartment.

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figma Mayoi Hachikuji and Shinobu Oshino

Snapshots: Now is the time to make friends

Apparently I never unboxed my Mayoi Hachikuji figma. This is a great crime that I rectified today.

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Hitagi Senjougahara by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: Hitagi Senjougahara (Nisemonogatari ver.) by Kotobukiya

I didn’t enjoy Nisemonogatari all that much, partly because my favorite Monogatari characters took a back seat to less interesting ones. At the very least we did get some Senjougahara action, including a memorable scene to open the series. That brings us to this figure, deftly translated to 3D by Kotobukiya.

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