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Rei Ayanami by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: Rei Ayanami by Kotobukiya

When this figure was announced, I thought Kotobukiya must have needed another quick cash injection. Their creative guys probably held an emergency meeting. Obviously, the strategy is to release another Rei figure. But what to dress her in? Clown suit? Dinosaur suit? Bear suit? Many sleepless nights passed, and finally they decided to go for the plugsuit again. Except this time, instead of an Eva-00 bust, she would be leaning on rubble. Instead of 1/6 scale, she’d be 1/7 scale. And instead of looking upward with her back bent at an unnatural angle, she’d be looking slightly less upward with her back bent at an unnatural angle. Brilliant, they thought. It’s like a whole different figure!

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Mari Illustrious Makinami by Max Factory

Figure Review: Mari Illustrious Makinami by Max Factory

When it comes to Evangelion figures, you can’t get more generic than having a pilot in a plug suit. Asuka and Rei are very well represented, but Mari figures are harder to find. I had plenty of the other two but only a single Mari Figma. Clearly, I had to add another figure of this neglected girl to my collection. Max Factory’s take seems to be the best of them, so I was pretty happy when she arrived at my house.

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Asuka Langley Shikinami by Alter

Figure Review: Asuka Langley Shikinami by Alter

It seems like manufacturers have long ago run out of ideas when it comes to Evangelion figures. The most creative ones I see are probably Sega’s prize figures. Almost all the other Evangelion scale figures seem to feature either Asuka or Rei in a plug suit. Thankfully an exception to the rule comes along once in a while, but this is not one of those times.

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The End of Evangelion

Anime Review: The End of Evangelion

As an alternate ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion, The End of Evangelion depicts the fate of NERV, the EVA pilots, and the rest of humanity after the fall of the 17th Angel. The movie is split into 2 episodes: “Air” and “My Purest Heart for You.”

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Anime Review: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Ikari Shinji is a junior high student who has the unenviable task of having to save the world every once in a while. Called into the service of NERV by his estranged father, Shinji has to pilot a giant mecha known as “Evangelion” to combat the recurring onslaughts of mysterious beings known as “Angels.” As Shinji struggles to come to terms with his own role in society and with his father, the battle against the Angels becomes more and more costly. In such times of desperation, it seems that Shinji’s father Gendo and NERV have secrets that could affect the fate of all humans.

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