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Kotobukiya Shinobu Oshino Panaino! ver.

Snapshot: Donut loving vampire on a sunny day

Despite the stormy weather forecasts, we got a beautiful day here during this long weekend. I wanted to take some shots of my most summer-y figure enjoying the sun!

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figma Mayoi Hachikuji and Shinobu Oshino

Snapshots: Now is the time to make friends

Apparently I never unboxed my Mayoi Hachikuji figma. This is a great crime that I rectified today.

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Hitagi Senjougahara by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: Hitagi Senjougahara (Nisemonogatari ver.) by Kotobukiya

I didn’t enjoy Nisemonogatari all that much, partly because my favorite Monogatari characters took a back seat to less interesting ones. At the very least we did get some Senjougahara action, including a memorable scene to open the series. That brings us to this figure, deftly translated to 3D by Kotobukiya.

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Anime Review: Nisemonogatari

About a year and a half after releasing the final episode of Bakemonogatari, Shaft followed up with its sequel Nisemonogatari. Although shorter than its predecessor with only 11 episodes, watching Nisemonogatari nonetheless felt like a long, drawn-out affair. I watched the series over the course of a weekend, but I wouldn’t suggest watching more than two or three episodes at a time. Despite my intrigue and mild excitement going in, it was a pretty exhausting anime to sit through.

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