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Figure Review: Kneesocks by Alter

I reviewed Yamato’s Kneesocks figure last month and came away very impressed by it. I had both Yamato’s and Alter’s versions sitting around, and thought Yamato’s would ultimately end up being the better Kneesocks. Still I figured I’d give Alter’s figure a fair shot sometime. Today my new macro lens arrived (apparently delayed by the “Midwest storm” that dropped a whole three inches of snow on us), so I decided to take it for a test run and do this review.

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Kneesocks by Yamato (1)

Figure Review: Kneesocks by Yamato

Legs are wonderful things. Sometimes they get robbed of their due attention thanks to the buttocks, but physical perfection is impossible without a finely crafted pair of legs. Yamato’s Kneesocks, hailing from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, is probably the leggiest figure in my collection right now. But thinking back on it, what would compete? MegaHouse’s Siggy? Max Factory’s Asuka? Nen Nen? They’re all worthy competitors, but none of them beat Kneesocks.

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