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Paprika by UART

Figure Review: Paprika by UART

Satoshi Kon passed away in August, and since then I’ve been wanting a way to memorialize him. Putting a shrine with his personal photos in my room would be kind of creepy, and having a bunch of his DVDs doesn’t really do it. So I looked around to see if any of his characters got a figurine rendition. Turns out UART made a polyresin version of the eponymous protagonist of his 2006 film Paprika. Since I’m a huge fan of the movie, the decision to purchase was quick. It looks like the figure is quite rare now, with only a couple left on Amazon selling for around $150.

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Anime Review: Paprika

The invention of the DC Mini, a device that allows someone to enter another person’s dreams, was meant to revolutionize psychotherapy. However, just before its review for approval by the government, three prototype units are stolen. Soon after, people begin to randomly go insane, and it is suspected that whoever stole the DC Minis is using it to attack the victims’ psyches. Three of the original developers of the device begin an investigation to find the stolen units, assisted in the dream world by the agent “Paprika.”

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