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Shigenori Soejima Artworks

Monthly Outlook: November 2012

I have a pretty big pile of figures accumulating, so I’m thinking I’ll probably review a bunch of them this month. That’ll have to wait until my work table comes in, though. I’m trying a dark-colored pub table this time. Mostly it’s about the height; normal-height tables tend to make me hunch over too much, so I think a taller table will be easier to take photos on.

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Persona 3

Monthly Outlook: September 2012

Well it looks like this month is all about Persona 3. I powered through Persona 4 through the winter a few years ago, so maybe fall will be Persona 3 season. It’s a weird progression, starting with P4, then going to P4 Arena, and now to P3 so I could get some more background on the fighting game.

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