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figma Mikasa Ackerman

Snapshot: Mikasa defending the fort

I’ve been doing some location scouting in my spare time as I’m always on the lookout for photogenic areas around Chicago. This shot happens to be at Fort Sheridan, once a Civil War-era fort that has been converted to houses (I’m guessing for very rich people). At the heart of it is this tower. The architecture and theme really fit Attack on Titan well, so I wanted to bring along my figma Mikasa and get some sort of AoT-esque shot. I think this is a site worth revisiting with some more AoT figmas.

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Nan Desu Kan 2013

Nan Desu Kan 2013: a patch of joy amidst the flooding

Before we get into NDK 2013, I want you to spare a moment of your time to think about donating to Colorado’s flood relief efforts. I’m sure any contribution you can make will be of great help as there are quite a few dead, injured, or displaced from the flooding. As someone who has seen and dealt with flooding in Illinois this past spring, I can say it’s not pretty.

Anyway, on to the convention report! Nan Desu Kan is the premier anime convention of the Rockies, though I wonder how many anime conventions go on out there. It takes place in southeastern Denver (the Denver Tech Center). Fortunately, we were spared the nasty business of flooding and generally had good weather (though there was a tornado risk for a while). Read on for the glorious details.

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The week in things: stuff and happenings

It’s Friday night so that means we get back to my favorite time of the week: shout-out time! I haven’t done the separate anime and figure posts in a while, although I did somehow manage to write both an anime review and a figure review in the same week. Strange things do happen. Read on to see the most exciting things and stuffs in my otaku world.

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The week in anime: June 17, 2013

It’s that time already? My how the weeks fly by. I’ve come to realize that the only anime news I really care about is Evangelion news, but I won’t let that stop me from rounding up other sorts of anime news. Plus I’ll get to the usual recaps for what I’ve been watching.

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