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Charlotte E. Yeager by Alter

Figure Review: Charlotte E. Yeager by Alter

As I’ve often lamented, the problem with most women is that they don’t have airplanes for legs. There are many benefits to having airplane legs: increased mobility, making cool noises when you’re getting ready to go, and having a great excuse for not ever wearing pants. It’s strange that it’s 2012 and scientists haven’t yet figured out a way to combine miniature airplanes with women’s legs. So for the time being, we’ll have to leave that in the fictional world of Strike Witches.

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Sanya V. Litvyak by Alter

Figure Review: Sanya V. Litvyak by Alter

I picked up a pair of Alter releases a few weeks ago. One is Momohime from Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The other is Sanya from Strike Witches. There’s a lot of Momohime out there (rightly so) but not as much of Sanya, so I thought I’d give her some attention.

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Strike Witches

Anime Review: Strike Witches

In 1939, the world was invaded by a mysterious and powerful enemy known as the Neuroi. In a flash, most of Europe fell under their occupation. Conventional weapons and military tactics are useless against the Neuroi, thus necessitating the recruitment of magic-wielding girls known as witches. Strike Witches tells the story of Yoshika Miyafuji, one such witch who was recruited into the colorful 501st Joint Fighter Wing. By relying on teamwork, their magic, and the striker units which allow them to fly, the 501st become Europe’s best hope for liberation.

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