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Cerberus by Max Factory

Figure Review: Cerberus by Max Factory

If there’s one figure maker with a direct line into my wallet, I’d say it’s Max Factory. Every year, I buy a handful of random Max Factory figures – not because they’re always making characters that I love, but because they consistently wow me with amazing sculpts or luscious booty. Usually their figures have both, as was the case with this 1/7 Cerberus from Rage of Bahamut.

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Street Fighter Bishoujo Cammy by Kotobukiya

Snapshot: Street Fighter Bishoujo Cammy by Kotobukiya

Update: see the review here

Time to get back into the swing of reviewing figures… This Cammy is a keepsake from the folks at Kotobukiya, who gave me one to review when I visited their booth at SDCC. The shitty thing about moving is that your equipment tends to get spread out all over the place. But I finally cleared out a good enough workspace to shoot this set.

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Xiao-Mei by Max Factory

Figure Review: Xiao-Mei by Max Factory

It’s been a while since I last did a full on review, so I went to my shelf to see what I could shoot. Max Factory’s Xiao-Mei stood out because she’s so damn adorable. How could you not like that Tony Taka face? Xiao-Mei hails from Shining Hearts, which has been getting a lot of exposure recently in the figure world. I haven’t played any of the Shining games but they must be big in Japan.

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Saber Lily by Gift

Figure Review: Saber Lily by Gift

Fate/Stay Night the anime was, to me, a bunch of cool ideas ruined by a bumbling dumb hero protagonist and desperately contrived harem cliches. But I’m grateful that the franchise exists and achieved some popularity, because it brought us this Saber figure.

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Aya by Alter

Figure Review: Aya by Alter

Aya (no last name I guess) hails from The OneeChanbara VorteX, which got the unfortunate translation to Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad for its US release. I haven’t played it, but I’m guessing it’s the kind of game that reinforces the belief that gamers are immature. It certainly reinforces the idea that otaku or media from Japan are obsessed with sex, violence, and objectifying women. In some way I’d like to believe that the creators want us to admire them in their audacity. Bikini girls fighting zombies is pretty close to the line. Give her a pair of swords and a cowboy hat, and you push it far enough past the line that it becomes immune to criticism. That was probably the hope, anyway. But what can I say? From an eye-candy perspective, I like what I like.

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Cammy by Yamato

Figure Review: Cammy by Yamato

I believe Yamato’s Cammy is the second PVC figure I bought when I started collecting. There are a few figures of Cammy out there, but most of them look pretty bad. Yamato’s version is sculpted by Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (Reflect), a favorite of mine. His women tend to have slender physiques and delicate faces, and Cammy here is no exception. Compared to most Cammy figures out there, this one actually looks like it was done by a professional artist. She’s part of Yamato’s Capcom Girls Collection, and you can see more figures by Reflect in their Creator’s Labo line.

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Hero Pleinair by Enterbrain

Figure Review: Hero Pleinair by Enterbrain

Today we’re taking a look at Enterbrain’s Pleinair. Pleinair is the mascot of Takehito Harada, an artist who frequently provides character designs for Nippon Ichi’s games (check out Harada’s personal website here). She makes cameos in most of his games, usually as an unassuming, mute demon. The version captured by this figurine is “Hero Pleinair”, dubbed so because she’s wearing the hero scarf.

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Velvet by Yamato

Figure Review: Velvet by Yamato

This is my last acquisition from that Yamato sale a way back. Like Mercedes, Velvet hails from the Playstation 2 game Odin Sphere. In the game, she’s the illegitimate daughter of a king, and is now living in exile. However, her cursed blood comes back to haunt her, and she finds herself in a battle to prevent the world’s ending. I struggle to wake up in the morning for work, so she must have it pretty rough.

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Elf by Orchid Seed

Figure Review: Elf by Orchid Seed

First, a bit of history. I only started collecting figures like six months ago. It began with action figures, as I couldn’t understand the appeal of static figurines. I had come close to buying some in the past—Wave’s Rise Kujikawa temped me for a long time but ultimately was too expensive. Then one day, I saw this elf from Lineage II, and I knew I had to have it. This figure opened to me the world of static figurines, and was basically the cause of my addiction.

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Mercedes by Yamato

Figure Review: Mercedes by Yamato

Here’s another acquisition from the Yamato sale a while back. Mercedes is one of the five protagonists featured in the Playstation 2 game Odin Sphere. She starts out as a spoiled princess, but is forced to take leadership of the forest of Ringford and become the queen of all fairies. Of all the storylines featured in the game, I liked Mercedes’s the best. It perfectly embodies the game’s primary theme of finding hope within despair.

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