The week in anime: May 13, 2013

Oops, looks like this one’s going up a bit late. I’m all about showing up late to things, though. Fortunately, I have some excellent YouTube videos to make up for the delay.

“Cruel Angel’s Thesis” bike horn cover

I think this is objectively the best anime theme song cover ever made. The tonal range of these bike horns is truly outstanding.

The Garden of Words extended preview

Here we get a look at Makoto Shinkai’s upcoming film. Unlike his previous work, The Garden of Words seems to revolve mostly around adults. But his signature style, his lush, detailed visuals, remains intact.

Live action Kite film to have little to do with the actual Kite anime

Here’s the plot summary for the live action version:

…the Kite remake is “a character-driven action film that charts the story of Sawa (Eisley), a young woman living in a failed state after the financial collapse, where a corrupt security force profits on the trafficking of young women. When Sawa’s policeman father is killed, she vows to track the murderer down with the help of his ex-partner, Karl Aker (Jackson).”

Now I haven’t seen Kite in a while, but literally none of that sounds right. The original was probably remembered more for its graphic violence and sex scenes than for being a good movie (let’s be honest, it wasn’t a good movie). I feel like this is probably going to be a PG-13 film, so when you take out the sex and gore, what are you left with?

Evangelion is not the only series to get rubbish merchandise

I only know about the Tales series of RPGs from a line of figures made by Alter, but I guess it’s popular enough to give out licenses for rubbish merchandise. Nail files? Sign me up! 6/10 for the pun (“Nails of”).

Hideaki Anno will star in a Ghibli film

Mindfuck creator Hideaki Anno will be voice acting the protagonist to Hayao Miyazaki’s Kaze Tachinu. Let’s hope Anno’s dramatic performances make more sense than his stories…

Check out this Kill La Kill commercial and… learn nothing

Sad admission: I never finished watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. But I hear it gets pretty awesome after the midpoint. The director and writer of Gurren Lagann are reuniting for Kill La Kill, which is about… something. Guns, probably. And buildings.

I’ll leave you with a gif I made of my favorite scene from Evangelion 3.33.