The week in anime: May 20, 2013

The big anime news for this past week (for me, anyway) is Anime Central, which I’ll be writing about soon. But there have been other, lesser happenings which I will distract you with… now!

BlazBlue is getting an anime adaptation


BlazBlue, a.k.a. “that game Noel Vermillion appears in,” always seemed to me like it wanted to be an anime. Its story mode was very much geared toward telling a story, but I feel like Arc System Works didn’t really get it right all the way. Well now this anime adaptation is a golden opportunity for us to experience the full BlazBlue story. It’s still a fine fighting game, although I was never able to get into it (mostly because my friends never got into it either). I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the anime, though. streaming service is live

These are tough times for anime distributors. All the young folks are into fansubbing, and nobody wants to buy anime from your friendly mom and pop anime store anymore. I think streaming is a good way to combat that because streaming is way more convenient than downloading. Also with the help of streaming, I can get over my obsessive need to download complete series. is offering works from Toei, Aniplex, Sunrise, and a few others.

I think we’ve known for a while now: Japan makes the best commercials

They are rubbish at movie trailers, though.

Gainax is having a filmmaking cram school session

Gurren Lagann producer Takami Akai will be hosting a filmmaking school later this summer, allowing a select few aspiring filmmakers to study under a real director. The ANN post doesn’t specify if it’s live action or animation. I hope it’s animation, because then we can make some Gainax jokes. Don’t animate boob jiggles unless you’ve been trailed by a professional!

ACen stuff is coming soon!

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