The week in anime: May 6, 2013

Well, I got a new suit. And the Bulls stole game 1 from the Miami Heat. So I’ll call this Monday a win overall. Let’s celebrate with some anime news.

Check out WONDER, an abstract anime

I guess, being a piece of animation, this is “anime” in the Japanese sense. Really it seems like an abstract art music video. It’s a Kickstarter-funded project by Mirai Mizue. According to Anime News Network, it was created over the course of a year with Mizue drawing 24 frames of footage each day.

Gantz is ending soon

Seems like just yesterday that I discovered this hyper violent, thoroughly adolescent story about a group of should-be-dead misfits trying to hunt down aliens for fun and profit. I kind of lost the plot when the cast members rotated off Power Rangers style, but a small part of me is sad to see it go. It wasn’t a great manga, but it was highly insane and I do appreciate that.

Nippon Budokan will be having a live Persona concert!

What’s better than Persona music? Shut your dirty mouth. Nothing’s better than Persona music. Indeed, Shoji Meguro and crew will be putting on another concert, titled “Persona Music FES 2013 in Nippon Budokan,” to be held August 13. And it will be utterly joyous. I wish I could go. I desperately want to experience one of these live. Can you imagine listening to “Mass Destruction” live? “Time to Make History?” “SNOWFLAKES??” If I attended a concert that ended with “Snowflakes” I would literally curl up in a fetal position and cry.

A guide to this summer’s anime

Sometimes, a chart is all you need. This summer’s anime season doesn’t look too bad: another Monogatari season, Danganronpa, and a couple of others have caught my attention. What, you think I’m gonna review them? You think this is an anime review site?? Hit up the Reddit post and send some upvotes.

A handy guide to watching anime legally

I want to support the industry, but it’s tough to compete with HD rips with same-day subs for free. I think if America’s broadband infrastructure wasn’t a piece of shit, we would have high quality HD streaming and maybe day one subs just like the fansub community does. This one also came courtesy of Reddit.