The week in figures: June 22, 2013

It’s a sign of old age that I have to recover now from late nights. In college I had an unlimited motor (and yet was still incredibly lazy… paradox!), but now I need like 10 hours of sleep before being able to do anything. But screw it, I’m gonna try doing this on five hours of sleep.

It’s morphin’ time!


I’ve never owned an S.H. Figuarts figure, but this one hits enough of the nostalgia buttons to make me consider picking one up. If you grew up during the original Power Rangers run, there was nothing that could top the coolness of the evil Green Ranger. I joined in the Tommy hysteria, but I was always loyal to Jason. He stayed my favorite Ranger despite Tommy being awesome. So when Tommy left and Jason temporarily got the Dragonzord powers, I lost my fucking mind. The Red Ranger with the shield, now that’s something that will be ingrained in my memory forever.

I don’t understand why there aren’t more Mari figures


Evangelion 3.33 made a lot of money, but there doesn’t seem to be a ton of figures for it. The most notable ones I’ve seen lately are a pair of Real Action Heroes: EVA-02′ and Mari. Both look great, but I really like the Mari figure. She needs a few facial expressions and accessories, but I just love that smug smirk she has.

Image from Amiami blog

Good Smile Company opens up their scale figure photo contest

Are you really good at taking photos? Are you creative? Do you have a scale figure from Good Smile Company or one of their partners? If so, go snap a sweet photo and send it to GSC. The grand prize is your pick of 10 (!!) scale figures. I’ll enter if/when I come up with an idea.

Yami reviews Kotobukiya’s ArtFX J Jonouchi Katsuya at Tomopop

I’m not into Yu-Gi-Oh but I feel like I should plug my fellow Tomopop editors’ work. Yami certainly took a nice set of pictures (on freshly mowed grass). It looks like a good quality figure, so if you’re a fan, it should be a good purchase. For me, though, I’m mostly interested in that Scape Goat keychain.

My review of Kotobukiya’s Marvel Bishoujo Kitty Pryde

Marvel Bishoujo Kitty Pryde by Kotobukiya

If there’s one truth about Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line of figures, it’s that they’ll never please everyone. Hopefully my review can please most people. From day one I’ve heard gripes about her face, and I can understand why someone would dislike it. The face has always been inconsistent across Bishoujo figures. Harley Quinn’s face is excellent, as is the one for Alisa Bosconovitch. But the last few Marvel Bishoujo faces have been a little off. I’ve found other things to like about Kitty Pryde, so maybe you will too.

Sheng took some shots of Max Factory’s Hatsune Miku VN02 at Kixkillradio

This is one of the more ambitious Max Factory figures I’ve seen – pretty different from their relatively low-key figures of late. The Miku design is fantastic, and is a great reinterpretation of the character. The figure itself looks boss as hell, flying forward without the slightest bit of fear.

Mamitan takes a look at Nendoroid Mikudayo

Mikudayo seems to be on the verge of replacing GSC’s official mascot, and I love it. The figure is just awesome, with special arm joints to recreate Mikudayo’s… unnatural movements. The only drawback is the recessed neck joint, making it look awkward when you try to use the body with heads from other Nendos.

Miette-chan plays a dating sim with Kirino at Otagamers

If Tomopop still did Monthly Megapixel contests, this would have won for sure. FOR SURE.

Pinkcheeks’ Scher was on TV!

Good to see her representing the figure community. I wish I knew figure enthusiasts that lived close by. Maybe it’s time to attend a few more cons… You should also check out the photos she took for this segment. The WALL-E one is adorable.

Tier reviews Plum’s Nymph at Tentacle Armada

Tier’s photos are great as usual, but I personally don’t find much appeal in this figure. My figures fall into two categories: ones with elaborate designs or bases, and ones representing characters I like. Well, I guess technically there’s a third category (figures I got for free) but those are less relevant than the figures I spend my own money on. I have plenty of figures that would be plain and boring if you didn’t love the character (Mikoto, Rise Kujikawa for instance). Plum’s Nymph falls into that category too – well, I don’t actually have it, but it’s that type of figure.

That’s all I got for this week. Only 35 days left until Wonder Festival!


  • Toy/figure collection and toy photography became hyped in our country, we're proud to have Scher part of our community. I live far from them, so I don't have buddies to take toy photos with.. -_- GSC figure photo contest updated their rules, and the photos i sent in didn't qualify. So I'll have to re-shoot everything and think of new ideas. That post of Miette-chan made my day!
    • What part of your photos didn't qualify? Having to do a re-shoot sucks. There's always a chance that your second time around is even better, but I know how dispiriting it can be.
  • That would have been the first time I'll meet kixkillradio in person and see how she does her dioramas. XD I also had the same fate with the 2nd entry I submitted. GSC says they can't accept entries that were already posted on other sites. I posted Shiki everywhere! LOL. It's already too late for me when they posted the updated rules.
    • Yeah I was thinking of submitting a photo I had already taken, but they've been posted elsewhere too. Since I have their Bakemonogatari figures, I think I'll do something with one of those. But there are only two weeks left and I also need to do three reviews in that time >.<
  • Lykaios
    Yeah, I just checked out your review of Kitty & Lockheed. I need to get a coupla X-Men bishoujos. I have bought so many figures now, I have really started to appreciate the sculpting process on a different level. Kitty is a perfect example. She is just like you say - face is fine, nice even imo, but only in a couple of specific angles. I never would have thought of Yamashita’s style as that nuanced, but capturing his style in 3D seems to be surprisingly difficult. I guess a good part of that is that we only EVER see his art from a specific angle and in 2D. Obvious, but something I would not have figured in when I first got into this hobby.
    • It seems to vary quite a bit by the sculptor. Koto's Bishoujo figures from last year and earlier this year had better faces which more closely resembled Shunya's designs. Other companies seem to be more consistent translating his artwork into a 3D model. Yamato's Reflect tends to put his own touch on the Shunya face, arriving at a compromise between Yamashita's illustrations and a more realistic variant. Daiki Kougyou has a Yamashita-designed Ryomou Shimei which is pretty faithful to the illustration. Ditto for GSC's Nida.