The week in figures: May 10, 2013

Well this is awkward. There wasn’t really any figure news I felt compelled to pass on this week. So today’s post will just be reviews. Lots of glorious reviews.

Mamitan’s AMA on Reddit

Mamitan is a magical person who does magical things for Good Smile Company (which is a magical company). GSC recently gave Mamitan her own blog, kind of like the English version of Mikatan’s Blog. Well Mikatan’s Blog already has an English version. I guess you could say Mamitan’s is… more Englishy? Anyway her Reddit AMA has some good info about what she does, how GSC products get made, and what her life is like (hint: magic). Did you know Mamitan used to write How a Girl Figures? Mind blown.

A trio of Tomopop reviews: Good Smile Company’s Tenshi, Bandai’s Chogokin Saber, and ThreeA’s Commander Carter

Tomopop’s own Martin Siggers did a photo shoot for Good Smile’s Tenshi. I absolutely love what GSC did with the wings, as I mentioned in last week’s post. The figure looks great in sunlight. Standing in the grass, even the base doesn’t look all that bad. Still pretty bad, though.

I’m not very familiar with Bandai’s Chogokin line, but Saber looks pretty solid. It has an insane amount of accessories, including an extremely large pedestal base (too bad it’s just a plain white color, though). If you’re into the Fate series and like action figures, ‘eeeyyyyy why not, right?

Because I’m stupid, I missed posting the Commander Carter review last week. You should check it out (it’s a video review) because ThreeA stuff is ridiculous. I’m not big on Halo but it looks like a sweet figure.

(NSFW) Tentacle Armada reviews Orca Toys’ Tamaki

If I asked you to envision a generic anime girl, you’d probably picture something pretty close to Tamaki from To Heart. There is just nothing about her character design that I find interesting. So maybe it says a lot that Tier from Tentacle Armada was able to take a pretty interesting photo set of this figure. Still, I don’t like the figure itself. Playboy bunny-style outfits aren’t my thing, and even the cast-off is no solace as her boobs look grotesque.

Kixkillradio photo sets: Nendoroid Children’s Day and Mirai Suenaga

Nendoroids are just too cute, especially when they have little Nendoroid-sized props and special Nendoroid clothes. Sheng has mastered the art of, uh, playing with Nendoroids I guess. But as you can see, this can be an extremely valuable skill – especially if you’re as good a photographer as Sheng. I wish I was that good. This post is now depressing and awkward.

That’ll do it for this week. This weekend I’ll be doing some soul searching. That or getting my car fixed. Good times!